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Copenhagen - Summer of 69

Crew Summer of 69 | 06.07.2007 20:46 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | World

Wanna join the fight for our free places?

Come to Wonderful Copenhagen's 'Summer of 69'

March 1st 2007 the police evicted the, not only popular, but also the ONLY underground youthhouse in Copenhagen.

Ungdomshuset – Jagtvej 69 a place thousands of people around the world have heard or read about the last couple of month. Not to mention the number, 69
– Written, painted, tacked and yelled all over the world!

Ungdomshuset was not just a place for political activity. It was a community. A free space with recourses this world can never get enough of. Other people didn't think that. So they thought that if they demolished this house – They would get rid of all these wonderful, creative and independent people.

But they didn't…..

In fact, since they started this conflict, more people are coming out, showing their disagreements to the state for their unification of our society. Ok.. So what's this to you, you may ask? Well.. You see... It was written somewhere, that if you steal your childrens dreams, You'll only get their nightmares. They took a house, but left us the streets – Actually they made the whole town our playground. I'm sure they didn't see that coming! This summer, The streets of Copenhagen will be overfloated with colourful, alternative, non-profit activities and it's gonna be the best summer ever!

But it would be so much better with YOU by our side!

Let's show these governments around this globe, what kind of recourses we

A non-profit kick-ass good way to spend your holiday!! It is very important these days to show our resistance againt the closing of our houses and free spaces all around Europe. Yesterday, as all of you probably know, Köpi was sold, and the fight will now develop in Berlin, exactly like in Copenhagen the last couple of month. Blitz in Oslo, Norway also experiences problems with the police and the politicians at the moment. Etc etc etc...

You see the red line?

Ok, so we're working intensevely these days and weeks to mobilize the continuing battle over the summer. We have this idea, that it obviously doesn't help to get 5000 people on the streets in a demonstration. Neither did we find a sollution by negotiating with the politicians. The expenses after the riots March 1-3th and the following police overtime and more expenses from all the destoyed materials, cars, tagged walls all over town etc. didn't give us a house.

These are just some ways to express our anger and frustration, but with no other results than spending the tax payers money, and exhaust the police. The politicians are willing to pay that bill, but to admit that they made a huge mistake by taking our house? That's another story..

So.. If the politicians don't want to work or talk with us, who will? Well.. Money talks. Obviously not the tax payers money, but the industry and especially the tourist industries money have a huge power, not only in Copenhagen, but all over the world. If their profit-events and tourist-wellness-philosophy constantly is being spoiled by 200 punx, or there's a party at the little mermaid every day, so the japanease tourists can't get their famous photo without a hundred naked, crazy and dancing activists - I bet their (loss of) money will begin to speak a language the politicians will understand.

The fun part is, that the amalgamation of capitalistic firms under the name
'Wonderful Copenhagen' uses the slogan - Space For Everybody, several times in their brochure for this summer. Ironic!

I can't wait to see what a lie that is!

This is not only a battle for more free houses around, but it's also a manifestation against the way they treat people who can think for themself, and further more - Who questions authority! If you're afraid of something - You'll try to get rid of it as soon as possible. But we're not going anywhere. Actually we're right in their face!

At the moment we're working on building a hostel in Christiania, to expand the sleeping places, if many of you deside to visit Copenhagen over the summer. Let's show them that tourism is not about money, but about visiting our european neighboors and have a blast together.

Please spread the word to everybody you know - Add us to your page so people get to know about it. Repost the bulletins about Summer of 69, come and visit us, and please feel free to take action wherever you are!

x Love x

Summer of 69

Crew Summer of 69


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