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Demonstration against cuts at JMU

James | 17.03.2009 17:39 | Education | Social Struggles | Liverpool

demo against cuts forced on staff and students a John Moores University

On March 13th a front cover article in The Daily Post revealed that the management at JMU have ordered the axing of 34 courses. Aswell as disrupting the education of continuing students this will severely impact on those prospective students from the local area who can't afford to move elsewhere for university.

Whilst the university have claimed that there will be no redundancies it is known that at least two members of staff have not had their contracts renewed. The only communication with students from the management on this matter was a reworded press release received at a meeting on March 16th. Staff were only informed on January 20th after the decision had been, and after prospective students on cut courses were contacted and told that their choice would no longer be available

For the decision to have been made without consultation of students or staff is a complete disgrace. This demonstrates a total disregard for both staff and students on the part of the management at JMU. Come out on March 25th and make your voices heard. John Moores is our University and we need to show management that we will not lie down and accept their cloak and dagger decision making.

As such, at a meeting of students in Liverpool Students Union this afternoon it was decided that there will be a demonstration on Wednesday March 25th, assembling at 1pm outside LSU.

Demands are as follows:

- No course cuts
- No job losses; for either permenant contract or temporary contract staff
- No closed decision making

Tell everyone you know to come down... bring your own placards and banners!!

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