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Quick Report from Dancing in The Streets London Mayday Street Party

imcista | 01.05.2007 18:06 | Mayday 2007 | Culture | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | London

The street party is still going on with around 80 people near to Canary Warf in east London. Hundreds of police and security guards are in the area.

Dancing in The Streets started promptly at 5pm as announced. Initially only around 10 people wearing suits started the event, but they were quickly joined by others that were waiting in the area. The crowd soon grew to around 100 people, so the party started in earnest.

People were playing games, doing combo dancing, praying to consumerism and money and generally mocking capitalism's obsession with profit, power and greed. A samba band was also present adding some festive beats to the event. City workers and passers by were quite amused with the event, although they didn't join in mass :-) The event passed peacefully apart from the fact that apparently one party goer was arrested whilst the crowd was at Canada Square. Eyewitness reports confirmed the fact that there was an incredible amount of police in and around the area (hundreds of police and security guards were the exact words)

The crowd eventually decided to move towards a Thames' beach near by, were the party is still going on as I write this. Some of the party goers are even having a swim in the Thames! Police seems to be on the stand by and looking at the crowd from the promenade. There is also a report that another protestor (maybe two) has been arrested whilst in the beach or in the way to the beach. It seems therefore that at least two arrests have taken place, but we wait for confirmation on this.

We expect that further reports and photos of the event will be published in due course.

That's all for the moment

Mayday, Mayday! The Precarious Everywhere Are Rebelling!



Some mayday pics

01.05.2007 18:40

Start of the March at Clerkenwell
Start of the March at Clerkenwell

One of the many police intimigraphers.
One of the many police intimigraphers.

Funtime at Canary Wharf
Funtime at Canary Wharf

Even a Maypole!
Even a Maypole!

Here are a few stills. The hijackers managed to resuscitate Mayday a little since it has had all the fun knocked out of it by the police. I managed to video the performers and the first arrest. The hijackers were even made to silence their little sound system but the human voices made up for it



01.05.2007 19:08

Dunno what happened to my pics previously posted here. Anyway I can confirm the first arrest, which I was told was because the arrestee didn't do as he was told, naughty boy!. During the arrest the cops aggressively pushed a guy into my bike and he fell over onto my bike which fell over and nearly toppled me. I almost got arrested for daring to video a cop. How come they can video us but we are not allowed to video them?


loads of press pics here

01.05.2007 22:56

press pics


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