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mobilisation for protest against EU summit 2005 in Luxembourg started

ab | 22.11.2004 18:36 | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles | London | World

In june 2005 a EU summit takes place in Luxembourg.

Mobilisation to protest against the politics of the EU are in preperation, for more information, visit:

The mobilisation website is named RISE, the campaign against the luxemburgisch presidentship of the EU in 2005. Most info on this page will be in french and german.

Protests and counter summit are expected to take place from ca. 10-17th of June 2005.
There will be a central big final demonstration, lots of decentralised actions and the countersummit is prepared.

A translation of the call and manifesto of the group will be translated soonish.

See also:

- Homepage: http://www.Eurotop.Lu


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  1. a note 4 summit hoppers r us — no body in particular