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New British Union - contact your local fascist today

Some Autonomous Antifascists | 27.03.2013 21:17 | Anti-racism | Social Struggles

The New British Union (NBU) is a fascist cult led by BNP reject Gary Raikes. They view themselves as a revival of Mosley's British Union, dreaming of thousands of blackshirts marching through the streets. In reality they're barely more than a few easily led fools and some school kids that Gary has been grooming, but they're still fascists who think they can organise openly and as such it seems sensible to cast a wary eye in their direction.

Recently the NBU kindly posted contact details for their 'District Officers'. Here's a wee bit more info on a few of them.

Andrew Ford
As well as writing writing terrible erotica about his wife ( Andy is the district officer for Middlesex. Unfortunately Slough based Andy has been struggling with his mental health and unemployment of late, active involvement in fascist politics is unlikely to help either of those though.

- It appears to have got too much for Andrew and there's now a vacancy for Middlesex organiser, maybe he saw the light

Connor Bate
NBU seem to consist mainly of past it fat old men and impressionable schoolboys. Their district officer for East Yorkshire, a Bedford High School student, falls in the latter camp.

Dominic Thompson
The East Sussex organiser is a 34 year old Satanist and shit poet. You can contact Dom to discuss poetry, religion, politics and more at 29 The Crescent, Brighton or call 01273 702078.

Ed Dowden
Bristol organiser Ed is pretty well known already. He generally pops up in whichever far right groupuscle is in vogue at the time. Likes to view himself as a bit of a bruiser, but spends most of his time spouting shit on Facebook – scary.

Gavin Johnson
Staffordshire officer Gavin lives in Stafford with his partner Letalya Mason. A Lazio fan with a penchant for the 'Roman salute'. Gavin's the one in the beanie hat, on the right is fellow UK based Lazio fan Ben Lally (who hasn't quite got the hang of saluting) and between them is Italian fascist Valerio Vaccari.

George Downey
County Durham organiser George is a big fan of motorbikes and the EDL – though presumably they're not too keen on him given the fact he's now a regional officer for an openly fascist cult. George lives in Stanley and should be easy to spot with his customized bike – be a shame if something happened to his new paint job.

Harry Roberts
Harry is ex-EDL and he's active with wannabe paramilitaries English Volunteers Force. He's now applying this considerable experience to organising the fascist hordes of Dorset.

Ian Hurst
Here's Ian with Nick 'not a fascist, honest' Griffin. He's the NBU's officer for Lancashire and he seems a wee bit too keen on pictures of very young girls.

Kevin Austin
Mid-Bedfordshire officer Kevin, lives with his wife Teresa at 131 Biggleswade Rd, Upper Caldecote, SG18 9BH and he occasionally drinks in the Red Lion, Biggleswade.

Marcus Daniel Woods
Marcus lives in Well, N. Yorks with his wife Carrie who works for Medacs healthcare and N.Yorks council in Skipton. Marcus is quite the artist, why not drop him an email to see if he's available for commissions?

Matthew Gill
The newly appointed Warwickshire officer and his wife Vicki Gill (nee Mander) live with his Mormon parents Philip & Alyson at 55 Sherbourne Drive, Hilton, Derby, DE65 5NJ.

Mike Mosley
The Cheshire organiser is another known face. Mike was too much of a far right loon even for the likes of the Combined ex-Forces, it's not that surprising he's resurfaced in the NBU. His biggest achievement to date has been to pose in a swastika t-shirt with a toy gun.

- As we went to publish we realised Mike has already been kicked out/stomped off, he's been replaced by one Thomas McNall.

Piers Mellor
The London officer is the Business Development Manager for Expert Law ( We doubt they're aware that their employee is a fascist organiser in his spare time.

Philly Kenneally
From Dripsey, Cork, Ireland. Though officially the Ireland organiser, Phil is very much the only fash in the village, with no serious contacts. Seems a wee bit special to be honest, but worth keeping an eye on nonetheless.

Robert Cleverdon
Ex-National Front bootboy Rob is a member of Brentwood Scooter Club. Presumably he hates his immigrant parents, who retired to Spain a few years ago.

Clive Cerone aka Clive Gloucestershire, Clive South
District officer for Gloucestershire. Lives at 23 Redwood Close, Gloucester, GL1 5TZ , been involved in a few other far right cults including EDL. Used to work as a security guard at Merrywalks multi-story in Stroud. Clive has helpfully tweeted his every thought since August 2009 ( For more info on the NBU why not drop Clive a call anytime day or night - 01452 303090

Darren 'covskin' Maidment
The Welsh Officer is a 38 year old chef, ex-EDL, lives in Caldicot, Gwent with his partner Mary Davies.

Jenna Hines aka Jenny Murphy
Not a new name to most, Jenny is an alumni of EDL News' Raicist of the Week (, she seems to have moved on from crude anti-'muzzie' statements to out-and-out fascism. Jenny would be out of her depth organising a piss-up in a brewery so quite how much impact she'll have as Leicestershire officer, we'll just have to wait and see.

Rose England aka Rosemary Hopkins
Orkney organiser Rose lives on Eday, Orkney. With a population of under 200 a raving fascist oughta be easy to spot. Though you may want to start at Groatha (house name), Eday, Orkney KW17 2AA

Terence Steele
The Northamptonshire officer is 46 year old Terry of Hester St, Northampton

Trevor Herd
The Cumbria officer is 30 year old ex-soldier Trevor of Portmeads Rise, Birtley, Gateshead. In 2007 he was jailed for fracturing a man's skull after his victim had the temerity to stand up for a woman Trevor and friends were hurling abuse at.

There's much more info and pictures around if you want to look, though we don't recommend it. Overall this lot are fairly representative of the 'master race' and as such I'm massively in favour of opening the borders and widening the gene pool. Until that happens it's up to us to shine a light on these shadowy creatures, no matter how unpleasant it may be.

On a lighter note, there's now a vacancy for a new NBU Officer for Australia as on 26th February Cedric Worthing from Hahndorf, South Australia topped himself. He won't be missed. Jack Byrne the 17 year old Hilter licker and Surrey organiser, has since uploaded a moving tribute to Cedric where he waves his creepy hands around and tries to sound statesmanlike by talking like a prick

No Pasaran!

Some Autonomous Antifascists


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