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May Day in Dublin anyone?

wombles | 05.02.2004 17:05 | May Day 2004 | Social Struggles | Cambridge

May 1st: Days of Action against the bosses EU

From protest to resistance, an invite

An invite, open to all who want to be involved in a mobilisation to Dublin for May 1st against the Bosses EU. This will be an initial meeting to debate, discuss and organise to show resistance to the EU from a total rejection of all capitalist social relations and state solutions.

EU: governance, social control, capitalist agent

We see Dublin as an important step to galvenise the movements against capitalist globalisation, against the permenant global war of capital and state institutions on the working class, unemployed and peasants. The EU is the main agent for the social fascism that is presented on the exploited of europe. Europe Union means the increase of state terrorism, the assualt of on the victories of past struggles and dead-end for humanity. It cannot be reformed it must be destroyed from the bottom up.

Our resistance as global as capital

From Nice, Brussels, Barcelona, Gothenberg, Thessaloniki and Rome, the
resistance can not replicate the pass but create a future and new forms of resistance to the expansion of capitalist social relations and state interfence in our lives.We send this call to all those who think that the struggle we can produce can become the basis of a new free planet earth, a planet earth with no prisons, with no bosses, no social control, no nations and no exploited labour. This is the vision from all the corners of the world, from the shouts of rebellion in the hills of southern mexico, from the streets of Argentina, from the landless, the alienated, the bored multitudes who want something more than the nightmare reality of capitalism.

Total Resistance

If we are not in control of what we produce we can be in control of what we reproduce. Lets come together and create a total resistance against the de-humanism nothingness of capitalist society. Lets go to Dublin on Mayday!


Saturday February 28th, 12noon
- We start with a social lunch!
- Then with discussions about the EU


Occupied Social Centre
93 Fortess Road
Kentish Town
London NW1 1AG

We would like to help anyone from around the country with travel expenses. If
you want to come but can't afford it email us and we see
what we can do. There is sleeping spaces and food will be by donation.

A second email will be sent out nearer the time with a more concrete agenda.

anarchists and anti-authoritarians from wombles

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