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Internationals in Beirut-Antiwar demonstration

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press release of the International Civil Mission

Press Release

Sunday, July 30 2006

International civil mission in Lebanon

After the massacre in Qana huge anti-war demonstration in Beirut
The Internationals have arrived at Beirut and took part in today’s huge demonstration

Today the Israeli war machine committed one more war crime. The massacre of dozens of civilians in the Lebanese city of Qana is an act of barbarity, a shame for our

When the news about Qana were diffused by the Media, thousands of Lebanese citizens rushed the streets of Beirut demanding an immediate and unconditional cease fire.
Together with Muslim and Christian Lebanese there were also demonstrating the members of the International Civil Mission who arrived Beirut yesterday. There are 13 Greeks, 18 French, 1 Austrian, 2 South Africans, and 1 Indian. They represent various social movements, trade unions, progressive social and political organizations. Their task is to express the international solidarity to the people of Lebanon and Palestine and to promote the demand for an immediate stop of the Israeli aggression.

Internationals who are in Beirut say that the disaster of the southern part of the city is far beyond imagination.

The Internationals make an appeal for more delegations to come to Lebanon. It is still possible to arrive there.

In Lebanon and Palestine there is a massacre going on.

It is time for social movements to react!

Athens 30/7/06

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