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Internationals in Beirut-Antiwar demonstration

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press release of the International Civil Mission

Press Release

Sunday, July 30 2006

International civil mission in Lebanon

After the massacre in Qana huge anti-war demonstration in Beirut
The Internationals have arrived at Beirut and took part in today’s huge demonstration

Today the Israeli war machine committed one more war crime. The massacre of dozens of civilians in the Lebanese city of Qana is an act of barbarity, a shame for our

When the news about Qana were diffused by the Media, thousands of Lebanese citizens rushed the streets of Beirut demanding an immediate and unconditional cease fire.
Together with Muslim and Christian Lebanese there were also demonstrating the members of the International Civil Mission who arrived Beirut yesterday. There are 13 Greeks, 18 French, 1 Austrian, 2 South Africans, and 1 Indian. They represent various social movements, trade unions, progressive social and political organizations. Their task is to express the international solidarity to the people of Lebanon and Palestine and to promote the demand for an immediate stop of the Israeli aggression.

Internationals who are in Beirut say that the disaster of the southern part of the city is far beyond imagination.

The Internationals make an appeal for more delegations to come to Lebanon. It is still possible to arrive there.

In Lebanon and Palestine there is a massacre going on.

It is time for social movements to react!

Athens 30/7/06

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Self Importants TO THE FRONT!

30.07.2006 14:18

Cool. The Arab puppet masters can push the "internationals" to the front. Not only do they make good pets, but they're excellent bombcatchers.

Internationally Idiotic

Greek delegation statement of 26th July 2006

30.07.2006 18:22

Statement of the members of the Greek solidarity delegation (19/7-25/7/06)
in Palestine

We the members of the Greek solidarity delegation that went over
in both occupied Palestinian territories, where we -once again- met the
unbearable living conditions of Palestinians, their humbling from the
Israeli military forces, the wanton demolition of their houses and their
belongings’ destruction, the open invasion of the Israeli military forces in
their houses with the intention of killing or imprisoning them, the undoing
of any remaining financial activity, the irrational embargo from the rest of
the world

as well in Israel, where we met and discussed with representatives of groups
opposed to war against Lebanon, to the occupation of Palestinian
territories, to the continuing rise of the Wall and we participated in an
anti-war march in Tel Aviv.

1. We strongly condemn all the crimes against Palestinian and Lebanese
peoples that- unfortunately with the support or under the tolerance of the
biggest part of the Israeli community, where Zionism finds its footholds-
are accomplished by the murderer gang, which is called the Israeli

2. We accuse the warlike policy of both the US and the UK that quite openly
support the Israeli brutality, both politically, with the blockade of the UN
decisions, as well as with certain facts, as the supply of the Israeli army
with weapons of the up-to-date technology. We also condemn the hypocritical
policy of “equal distances” that all European governments, including the
Greek, one are demonstrating.

3. We ask for the immediate cease-fire and the air strike stopping against
Gaza Strip and the Lebanon and the immediate withdrawal of the Israeli army
from the occupied Palestinian territories and from South Lebanon.

4. We express our solidarity to the suffering, and at the same time
struggling and resisting to the Israeli conqueror and intruder, Palestinian
and Lebanese people.

5. We ask from the world solidarity movement to take as much action as
possible, in collaboration with the small but existing and worthy anti-war
Israeli movement, to stop the bloodshed of the Palestinian and the Lebanese
people -and in sequence the deaths and the militarization of the Israeli
people- before the trigger-happy dementia of Tel Aviv and Washington hawks
flash the spark of the war all over the Arab and Muslim world.

Athens, 26th of July 2006


where are we?

30.07.2006 18:26

13 Greeks,
18 French,
1 Austrian,
2 South Africans,
and 1 Indian

but no-one for the UK