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8 & 9 December - Stop G8 Bristol Meetings

pecos | 06.12.2012 00:42 | G8 2013 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Social Struggles

The next Stop G8 meetings will be held on 8 & 9 December in Bristol at Kebele Social Centre (14 Robertson Road, Easton, BS5 6JY)

The UK will host the 2013 G8 summit at County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, on 17-18 June. Stop G8 is a group formed to work towards a mass mobilisation of protest centred around the week of the summit, on a range of issues as wide as the G8's influence - austerity, inequality, war, unfair trade, the environment, and other varieties of global capitalist crisis.

Following similar meetings in Brighton, Birmingham and Nottingham, there will be discussions and workshop groups in Bristol on 8 & 9 December. These meetings will discuss plans for action against the G8 across the UK and act as a common resource for any groups planning actions, and need as many people as possible to come and contribute. All are welcome (except police and journalists).

Meetings on both days are at Kebele Social Centre (14 Robertson Road, Easton, BS5 6JY). The main meeting, discussing planning and strategy will be on Saturday and workshop groups will be on Sunday. All meals £3 donation if affordable.

11am - breakfast and pre-meeting talks
1pm - meeting starts
7pm - meeting ends, dinner.

There'll be a fundraiser evening after with cake, music, comedy and a few films. Please bring instruments if you fancy joining in...

10am - breakfast
12pm - meeting starts
4pm - close meeting to ensure those who have to travel long distances home can do so.
6.30pm - dinner

For anyone coming from further away, there will be space at Kebele to stay the night on Saturday - just let us know, and bring a rollmat and a sleeping bag. Kebele has disabled access and accessible downstairs toilets.

For those travelling by train, the nearest station to Kebele is Stapleton road. If you are coming in by coach you can get buses from the centre to Robertson road (which is the road kebele is on). The buses from Colston Hall (centre) to Robertson road are 4, 49, 13a and 48. A single ticket will cost you £2.30, returns £3.30, All day passes £4.

More info:

# Website

# Facebook page

# We’ve adopted in principle the PGA hallmarks

***We respect a diversity of tactics***

For anything else about the meeting, overnight accomodation etc, email

- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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  1. You don't know what you are letting yourselves in for. — Northern Ireland resident
  2. i agree with the above, but we have to go anyway, — brutus
  3. No fun — Asmaramatic