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Come on Blackpool and Fleetwood - time to fight the fascists

John C | 14.06.2006 15:48 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles

Get up and stand up

Come on Blackpool and Fleetwood - time to fight the fascists

Generally acknowledged as one of the fastest-growing BNP branches in the country (or if not, then certainly the ugliest), Blackpool BNP have been allowed to grow with little or no opposition except that which can be provided on occasion from Lancaster and Barrow branches of Unite Against Fascism.

Despite approaching the Blackpool Trades Council and receiving assurances that they are, as a group, anti-fascist, there has been no indication that any anti-BNP group has been formed in the area, with or without the Trades Council's help.

Now, as reported here and largely thanks to the growth of Blackpool BNP, Fleetwood sees itself with its very own British National Party branch.

We therefore call on all trades unionists, comrades and anti-fascists from all groups and affiliations to get together and form separate anti-fascist groups for Blackpool and Fleetwood as soon as possible, to put a halt to the unwelcome rise of the BNP in these areas.

It doesn't matter what the group is or what it's called. Whether it's UAF, Anti-Fa or Bugger the BNP, as long as it fights the nazi BNP and other such groups the North West of England will be relieved and eager to join up.

Information and resources can be obtained from the following sources:

Unite Against Fascism
Stop the BNP
Lancaster UAF
Love Music Hate Racism

John C

John C


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