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Brian Haw Press Release

Parliament Square Peace Campaign | 14.06.2006 12:07 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | London

Police change charge against Brian Haw at the last minute.


Brian Haw and Barbara Tucker both due in court tomorrow 15th June at 10 am Horseferry Road Magistrates Court.

Both have been summonsed on malicious absurd allegations of taking part in an unauthorised demonstration on 26th March 06.

At the time, Brian Haw's demonstration (including Barbara Tucker and any peaceful person!) was exempt from this outrageous SOCPA law.

Brian's summons is being dropped we are told, and a new summons is being issued today alleging he obstructed police from trying to seize (steal) his pretty pink banner stating 'Bliar War Criminal (a Babs Tucker Production)'.

Supporters are welcome outside the court from 9.30am

Emma Sangster, supporter of Brian Haw; 07791 486484
Mr Haw’s solicitors: Bindman & Partners

A. For more on the Court of Appeal decision see:,,1770525,00.html

B. Mr Haw arrived in Parliament Square on 2 June 2001. His placards and banners amounted to both a body of material showing the injustice suffered by people, mainly in Iraq, as a result of this Government's foreign policy and also a huge show of support for Mr Haw's stand for peace and justice by people from all corners of the world.

C. For more information on the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 see: or

D. For more on SOCPA prosecutions see: or

E. For more on the dismantling of Brian Haw’s display by the police see:,,1781182,00.html

F. For more on the criticism of the police for the dismantling of Mr Haw’s display see:,,1783584,00.html

G. For more on the Metropolitan Police Commissioner supplying misleading information see:
The Telegraph, 28 May 2006,

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