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Violence against student elected uwesu by met police

Simon Lawrence | 09.12.2010 19:40 | Education | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast

elected represented of uwesu hospitalised by met police in london during tuition fee protest. Paddy Besiris, st Matts Chair of UWESU has been admitted to hospital after a head injury inflicted by excessive force by the MET police. 24 hours ago at an event hosted by centre forum David Cameron, prime minister, praised uwe professor Steve West current vice canceller of Samantha Cameron's alumina. Today popular representative lies in hospital following police brutality propping up Cameron's coalition.

Paddy Besiris, (20), an elected representative of UWESU, the Student Union which Prime Minister David Cameron's Wife, Samantha, belonged to in her student years, was admitted to a London hospital earlier today, having sustained head injuries protesting against the increases to Tuition Fees introduced by David Cameron's government in a controversial and much-contested vote earlier today. Paddy, the chair of the St. Matts Campus of the University of the West of England's Student Union, the UK's 8th largest University, was injured during protests outside parliament, noted by the severity of force perpetrated against undefended students, who had gathered from around the country on one of the coldest days of the year. On several occasions, members of the Metropolitan Police horseback unit rushed the crowds in Parliament Square, resulting in a number of student injuries. Whilst Metropolitan Police sources cite deviation from the planned route as a source of anger, their inexcusable, disproportionate and excessive use of violence and force has placed Paddy, a popular and intelligent UWE student, in a London hospital. Yesterday, Prime Minister David Cameron at an invitation-only event in the Capital, took a question from the University of the West of England's Vice Chancellor, Professor Steve West. During the exchange of question and answer between Steve West and David Cameron, Professor West, the Chair of the Council of Deans of Medicine, and thought to be the youngest Vice Chancellor in England, was informed by David Cameron of his enormous respect for UWE's students, and alumni, of which his Wife, Samantha, is a member. Today, students in occupation of the University of the West of England ask questions of both Professor West and Prime Minister David Cameron: "What price a student's life?" Professor West, yesterday, on live television picked up by BBC News' broadcast informed the nation, "I support the government's proposals". Today, his own students are asking him the question, "Do you still support a government which uses violence to suppress legitimate peaceful process? Do you still support a Prime Minister who has hospitalised a member of your own student body?" At various times through the afternoon's protests, which saw thousands of students from Universities across the country descend upon parliament square, Metropolitan Police officers could be seen assaulting, taunting, riding horses into, and in many ways attacking, using force and violence, the students of not just Professor West's but all Universities protesting against the 80% cuts in tuition funding which Cameron's Coalition this afternoon enacted. Students in occupation of the Core24 of Professor West's University expressed their disappointment this afternoon at the failure of Lib Dem MP's to uphold their pledge to oppose an increase in the cost of higher education. Professor West yesterday supported the government. Today, his support placed his elected student representative in hospital with head injuries. The proximity, the support, the use of Professor West as a stooge for the Cameron coalition has been condemned by his own students, who throughout the afternoon were repeatedly provoked, set upon, and assaulted by the members of the Metropolitan Police. Whilst the opportunity for democracy to overturn the tuition fee proposal appears to have passed, the question now becomes what measures will both sides use, and what casualties will result from the battle over Tuition Fees and the coalition-government imposed lifetime of debt, which today's vote created. This evening, UWESU's students in occupation of the University expressed their concern for their popular campus chair, who was admitted to hospital in the capital during the tuition fee protests. Vice Chancellor Steve West and the Prime Minister, David Cameron's comments are not known at this time.

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