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John Bridle of Asbestos Watchdog: "lies, illegal tests and self aggrandisement"?

Asbestos Watchdog Watchdog | 18.10.2006 16:46 | Health | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | World

Today, (18th October) Shari Vahl on BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours programme investigated a businessman called John Bridle. His company “Asbestos Watchdog” has claimed to be:

“The only UK organisation that can provide unbiased information about asbestos”

The BBC claim that two of the UK’s biggest house builders have been using an asbestos surveyor who is carrying out analysis which the Health and Safety Executive say is illegal.

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John Bridle, the sole director of a company called Asbestos Watchdog Ltd has been described (on his company’s website) as “the world’s leading expert on asbestos science”

Mr Bridle has stated:
- that there is no measurable risk to health from white asbestos;
- that white asbestos cannot cause the cancer mesothelioma;
- that his company has saved Sunday Telegraph readers at least £34 millions pounds;
- that his company- Asbestos Watchdog “saves householders £20 Billion” (yes Billion).

Mr Bridle has also claimed to have received a professorship from the Russian Academy of Sciences. IS THIS TRUE?

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Mr Bridle also claimed to be-

-the ‘asbestos consultant’ to the ‘International Centre for Asbestos Research’ (ICARE) at the University of Glamorgan

-the ‘chief scientific asbestos consultant’ for the ‘European Asbestos Accreditation Centre’ (EAAC) in Lisbon, Portugal.


Mr Bridle also claimed his ‘main clients’ include:

-BBC Radio 4 and TV News 24;
-Vale of Glamorgan Trading Standards Dept, and
-the Conservative Party Shadow Cabinet.


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-Does Mr Bridle have close links with the Canadian and Russian asbestos industries?

-Has the UK Parliament been misled?

-Does Mr Bridle have a criminal conviction under the Trades Descriptions Act?

-How many national building companies have used Mr Bridle’s asbestos surveys?

Regeneration of ‘brownfield’ and potentially contaminated land, worth billions of pounds has either gone ahead or is planned for the UK.

Are we ‘as safe as houses’?

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