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'Radical Wales' article - the People's Assembly movement and our own

Que Pasa? | 08.07.2013 15:54 | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Zapatista | Wales

An article, in essence, asking autonomists to consider, as and when possible in their local area, to be a part of, what is in effect there's already - from the Zapatistas, to Los Indignados, to those in Greece, Istanbul, Iceland and Brazil - the People's Assembly movement is alive and we could make it something incredible here in the UK.

This article is written to be relevant to all autonomous and community activists around the UK. It does, however, which some may take exception to, imply that anarchists are on the left of politics, but even if you disagree with this, and consider anarchy separate to the traditional left-right spectra, please use an open mind, and consider our roles together as part of this movement and in our society.

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Que Pasa?