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Squat illegally evicted in Switzerland

groenevoltage | 12.07.2007 15:40 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | World

On July 10th, "La Tour" was illegaly evicted in Geneva, Switzerland.
Here's a brief summary of events and a call for international

Genève, la Tour evacuated and others to come

Thank you for passing on the message to as many as possible

Evacuation of the Squat, La Tour
July 10 2007

On Tuesday morning at 10:00, the police invaded "LA TOUR" under the
pretext of carrying out an identity control!

This, so called, identity verification was followed by the arrival of a
bailif who preceeded to proclaim that the house was abandoned (the
inhabitants being held at the police station).

Following the declaration by the bailif, a removal company were
immediately called upon to start emptying the house of all its contents,
throwing everything they deemed to be worthless in the back of a skip.

Upon the commencement of this enforced and illegal evacuation, a crowd of
approximately 200 people gathered outside the building. The crowd at first
protested peacefully against the evacuation. A demonstration then took
place at 18:00 which lasted until 22:00 and involved the flaming
barricading of surrounding roads, throwing of missiles, smashing windows
and even the overturning an unmarked police car. The police responded by
making a succession of charges upon the crowd and firing tear gas.

A total of 19 arrests were made, with a number of people still being held
at this time. - A number of enforced DNA samples were taken. - One
inhabitant was held for 36 hours - Many of those involved in the protest
were condemned for rioting, agression against the police, violating public
property and breaching the peace.

In view of its imminant evacuation (Planned for the morning of Monday 16
July), the squat, Rhino calls for a gathering at 18:00 today underneath
the red horn at its building (24 bvd des philosophes). A series of events
and concerts are planned for tonight and during the forthcoming days
- Thursday 12 july 18:00 Rhino - Friday 13 July 21:00, Cave 12 - Sunday 15
July Rhino (we invite all who are concerned to spend the night and
following morning with us to protest against evacuation) - Monday 16 july
- Rhino - Please come as early as possible to support our protest against

- Come and lend your support
- Bring your vans in order to help us reclaim our possesions
- Bring any large tents, marquees etc....
- Or express yoursleves in whatever way you can

For the removal and tents, please contact: 0041 79 577 09 08

To receive live sms for info: ask for registration on or send an SMS to 004178 842 09 73
Congratulations !
Intersquat of genèva

Check for more details and photos on :
- Communiqué de l'infokiosque de la Tour: