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Hug The Odeon

Save The Odeon | 14.07.2007 17:24 | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles

Hundreds of people today gathered to hug the Odeon building

The Bradford Odeon Building is scheduled for demolition in 2007. Bradford Centre Regeneration continue to ignore the views of Bradfordians by defiantly pushing ahead with their plans to demolish the Odeon and replace it with offices and expensive flats.

There is no reason to demolish this building, which is in fine condition inside. Bradford Council and Yorkshire Forward have repeatedly lied to the people about it being in a state unworthy of repair and simply want to sell it off quickly and cheaply.

Very few Bradford people were consulted about this, and those who were all wanted to keep the building. And so earlier today, hundreds of people gathered to give the building a hug.

The pavements and walls were completely covered in chalk, and there were enough people to go all the way round not just the building itself, but the adjacent car park too. It's clear from today's rally that the people of Bradford really don't want to see this landmark building lost.

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Photos from today's action

Save The Odeon