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Timeline and update on Thessaloniki actions

Indymedia Switzerland (translated from French by Isabel Macdonald) | 21.06.2003 20:55 | Thessaloniki EU | Repression | Social Struggles | World

A timeline and an update on actions from June 11 to 21 (until round 7:30 pm on the 21st) at the Thessaloniki demos. These briefs originate from the Indymedia Switzerland website, and they have been translated from French.

Saturday June 21

7:35 pm: at the university: at least 30 people have been stopped and questioned by the police after street fights took place near the faculty of philosophy at the University. The police used significant quantities of lacrymogenic gas against the protestors. The dean of the university is going to discuss an eventual authorization which will permit the police to procede to arrests in the old university.

6:11 pm: The Black Block is trying to return to the university, but it is blocked by the police. Street fights erupt, molotov cocktails are thrown.

5:00 pm: The Black Block, which stayed at the university last night, left for Egnatia avenue. A bank (Agrotiki), offices of the Greek Communist Party (KKK) and a McDonald’s were attacked. The police responded with massive amounts of lacrymogenic gas, and pushed back the Black Block.

Friday June 20

10:28 pm: Indymedia Thessaloniki reports that the legal team confirmed that 2 people have been injured during the demonstration this afternoon. They have burns caused by the gases that the police threw to get the protestors to retreat. Numerous people have had difficulty breathing or have been hurt. Amongst them there are locals and tourists who found themselves in the midst of the demo.

5:30 pm: The No Borders activists, discouraged by the Greek and Macedonean authorities, decide to retreat and re-enter at Thessaloniki

5:19 pm: 300 anarchists tried to enter the red zone by throwing rocks and bottles filled with colour at the police. The police responded quickly and forcefully.

4:30 pm: All the demonstrators are in the process of reentering the city. There are some injured and some arrested, but the number is still not confirmed.

4:15 pm: 50 No borders activists are authorized to cross the border. The Macedonean authorities still refuse to let people through.

3:49 pm: 80 of the 250 No Borders activists are authorized by the Greek authorities to cross the border. The Macedonian authorities however refuse to let people through. The activists decide to cross the border into the neutral zone while they await the decision of the Macedonian authorities.

2:10 pm: the planned demonstration towards the red zone begins

Thursday June 19

5 people are stopped for having gas masks in their bags

Demonstrations: Around 6000 people demonstrated today in the neigborhoods of Thessaloniki with the anti-authoritarian block. The march started from the university campus and after a long route returned back there. At the begining of the march there were about 4000 people. There was no property damage nor any confrontation with the police, which were present in the sidestreets.Surveillance cameras were destroyed and slogans were chanted from the march that had a very good atmosphere.

Tuesday June 17

First prohibition on entry into the country through Bulgaria
Action: destruction of surveillance cameras planted in the city

Monday June 16:

occupation of the building of the Law School at the University of Thessaloniki . The building is used to house an indymedia media centre, the medical team and radio

Sunday June 15: 15000 cops will take charge of security during the summit

Wednesday June 11: 5 people are arrested for postering in the city

Indymedia Switzerland (translated from French by Isabel Macdonald)
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