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Need stock footage of Iraq for graduate documentary on Iraqi Chaldeans

Bonni Rooney | 15.04.2005 07:26 | Culture | Education | Social Struggles | London | World

Need stock footage of iraq - am doing graduate documentary on Iraqi Chaldeans in the united states - their struggles to resettle in the western world- am former member of San Diego IMC (California - U.S.)

hi there!
i am a former san diego independent media center member (while I was at UCSD and worked with Prof. Dee Dee Halleck who started SD IMC) - I am currently doing a documentary about Iraqi Chaldeans in San Diego and DESPERATELY need some stock footage of Iraq (daily life, war, bombing, etc.) as well as any Tijuana border shots (some of them were smuggled thru the border) If there is any way you could help me, i would be so GRATEFUL!! I'm on a deadline - I'm doing my documentary as part of a masters graduate project for SDSU graduate film school. Thank you so much!
Bonni Rooney

Bonni Rooney
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