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Audio from New Scotland Yard 'killer bill' protest

r2r | 27.07.2005 20:50 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Social Struggles | London

Interviews and soundscapes from the midday protest outside New Scotland Yard on Wednesday (27/7) over the murder of an innocent man and the new shoot-to-kill policy.

Some of the interviews are with passers-by and others are with people attending the protest. They are mostly entirely unedited (and rather depressing if you ask me).

Interview with passer-by [1] - mp3 1.8M

Interview with passer-by [2] - mp3 2.4M

Interview with passer-by [3] - mp3 743K

Fourth interview with passer-by - mp3 2.3M

Interview with somebody from Global Womens Strike - mp3 676K

Interview with protester - mp3 1.6M

Short montage (2m 30s) - mp3 1.7M

Audio is in MP3 format and available for rebroadcast under the terms of the creative commons non-commercial share-alike licence.

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