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London Anti Shoot To Kill protest, video and pics.

Outrider. | 27.07.2005 16:30 | Repression | Social Struggles | London

"Shame on you! Shame!", called one protester to the cops outside police HQ.

Here are some early pics from the protest today outside New Scotland Yard. I was just hanging around taking photographs, like loads of other people but was questioned by police on three separate occasions.

Cop, "Are you part of the demo? If so get behind the barriers".

I have a strong dislike of barriers.

Cop, "You had better leave or they (the protesters) might give you a good kicking".

Because I was taking photographs? The protesters had loads of media and police cameras with long lenses trained on them anyway! Double standard?

Me, "Why do the police keep questioning me? Do I look suspicious or what?" I said, "There is no law against taking pictures'. "What about the tourists, they are taking pictures?". What about those people (the media and office workers) hanging round?"

Cop, "If you don't keep moving I'll arrest you for obstruction", came the reply.

Obviously, a very different sort of law from normal applies to me, so I left.



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