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Michael Heseltine is exposed as an idiot for plugging Ken Livingstone's lies

AADHIKARonline in association with Khoodeelaar! No to Crossrail hole Bill | 15.06.2007 10:10 | Analysis | Repression | Social Struggles | London | World

The BBC Radio 4 Today programme broadcast a solemnly pronounced news item about Margaret Thatcher’s 'deputy Prime Minister' Michael Heseltine calling for a system of local government in Britain that can only be described as the mass mayorisation of big cities. Heseltine made a particular point of calling for British cities to ape the USA and get a mayor in every excusable place

By© Muhammad Haque
1010 Hrs GMT
London Friday 15 June 2007

What a desperate man Michael Heseltine must be!

And what an ignorant and backward seeker of the minute’s media glory he must be.

He is also definitely a Ca-moroned Conservative!

The Ca-morons’ motto seems to be:

“Get rid of whatever sense you once might have claimed to possess!”

Is it the proverbial dotage that has caught up with the opportunist at last? He was one of the most irrational opponents of local democracy and accountability when he held power as a Minister in Thatcher’s cabinet. Heseltine is often overrated in the media, mainly because the ignorant and the immoral media 'pundits' themselves don’t have the record of opposing authoritarians themselves. So they used Heseltine as a sort of default opponent of Thatcher. And in doing so, they inflated the ego of the man who needed no inflating. He was the most accomplished inflater of his ego himself.

His intervention as relayed by the BBC today, in calling fro the further powers to be given to authoritarian self-seekers is in total conflict with any image Heseltine might wish to promote of himself as a backer of a democratic say by local people in the peoples'' affairs.

Heseltine was wrong in 1981 sand Heseltine is wrong again over this mayorisation in 2007.

Scrap his call and with it scarp the powers that are already given to the likes of the mayor in London.

The Greater London Assembly is a joke. It was intended to be a joke. It must have been intended to be a joke. Given its records, it could not have been intended to act as a demander of accountability from the holder of the office of mayor in the name of London. And it has lived [!] up to that agenda.

What is needed is an Assembly without a mayor. The Assembly should have the elected titular head for a year and election to the title should be held annually. That is the nearest way we can have some say for the people of London on what goes on in our name. In every part. On every key issue that affects us.

The word mayor is an egomaniac’s recipe. Scarp it now. And save ourselves a great deal of waste and division and damage.

AADHIKARonline in association with Khoodeelaar! No to Crossrail hole Bill
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