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Timeline from Oaxaca City, 2 November, 2006

Calamity Barucha | 02.11.2006 21:40 | Oaxaca Uprising | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | World

Minute by minute reporting from Mexico - all times are local times in Mexico

14:21 There is a report of a tank burning.

14:20 A reporter from Channel 40 was returned and not kidnapped.

14:19 The Patrol 09035 is making its way around the center of Oaxaca with
detained people

14:17 In the Ferrocarril Avenue and 5 se�ores in Oaxaca the PFP is throwing
13:56 A report that photographe David Jaramillo, from the commercial
news agency "Universal" is wounded and is being taken to the 4th
military region hospital by PFP helicopter � number PF318. He is in
stable condition.
13:55 Another person detained is being reported at the Five Se�ores
intersection-happened two hours ago.

13:53 A called has been made to the International Red Cross to come to
the help of a person wounded with a encephalic-cranial trauma, who is
at the University of Oaxaca.

13:51 The University director announces that he is putting himself in
front of the University entrance.

13:48 The blockade at the central axis Lazaro Cardenas (main avenue in
Mexico City) has ended- demostrators are now moving toward the
Secretary of the Federal Government building.

13:47 Judicial state police, dressed in grey, entered into the
Institute of Communication Sciences of the university of Oaxaca

13:46 Another person detained at the Noria Avenue at the entrance to
the Five Se�ores intersection

13:41 Felix Jim�nez Fabi�n a carpenter's assistant, was detained and
was visibly beaten. 2 helicopters are dropping tear-gas, trying to take
out the Radio Universidad antenna. There is a house on fire set by the
police attacks. David Jarramillo, photographer from the Universal, was
wounded, in the police attacks.

13:38 A dramatic report from a woman on the Radio Universidad in
Oaxaca, who explains how the judicial state police (Policia
ministariales) attacked people in the streets- the helicopters flying
above dropping tear-gas bombs. Two helicopters are dropping concution

13:29 On the second floor of the vetenary building, the security
commission (APPO) have identified and removed a reporter from channel
40 that was recording the meeting without permission, recording details
of their plans, a practice that is widely used by police in mainstream
media channels.

13:28 The tanks that had retreated, had only gone to re-fill their
barrels with water (for their water-cannons)- and are now returning to
repress the peaceful protesters.

13:25 The Secretary of the Federal Government makes a call to APPO so
that the PFP may retreat. The facts are that the Secretary of
Government made public announcement two days ago stating "In the name
of God, there will not be repression in Oaxaca" Days later there are
deaths, hundreds of wounded, an unaccounted number of detained, and
dozens of people that have "disappeared". In this sense the state of
Oaxaca is under military law and the civil society is being attacked
military personnel.

13:23 A truck-load of police in the Amor Park are heading to the

13: 11 Reporters at the Radio Universidad in Oaxaca have picked up
bullet casings that belonged to the PFP that have fallen. They are 7.62
caliber casings.

13:05 At a commercial radio, Ardelio Vargas Fosado, general of the PFP,
who commanded the masscre in Atneco, continues saying that the PFP will
not enter into Radio Univerisdad in the U of Oaxaca, despite all the
events that have happened that we are becoming aware of.

13:04 At "Five Se�ores" tear-gas bombs are being shot at people's homes.

12:57 Judicial state police have just entered by way of the
administration building.

12:51 Judicial state police have have entered into Radio University of

12:50 Besides that the authorities are saying that the PFP has drawn
back- what is for certain is that they are still coming into the
university- by way of Rio Salado road, in the back of the university of
Oaxaca. The PFP are re-grouping to confront the people of APPO that
have come in solidarity that have come in this direction. The AFI has
entered and have passed the admin and accounting buildings

12:48 Planton Radio announces that the radio transmission will restart
at 92.7 FM and at

12:47 Two girls have been taken by helicopter. In the Noria Hotel have
been detained.

12:28 It been confirmed that the reporter of the Free Media Network
from Mexico City- who has his arm broken and head bleeding is free and
has not been arrested.

12:14 There have detained a reporter from Radio Libre from the Network
for Free Media (Rad de medios Libres) from DF (Mexico City) : Mario
Mosqueda- he has his arm broken and his headed bashed in bleeding.

12:12 At the Chedruai (shopping store/mall) the PFP has surrounded a
group of reporters and had gassed them with a red gas. There are
various wounded. The PFP are starting fights.

11:58 In the plaza del valle, on one side of the soriana the PFP is
kicking in the doors of the entrance of the university.

11:48 journalist in the zone report that the federal preventive police
are readying weapons. meaning that they are introducing guns and later
before the mass meida they will say that the guns were in possesion of
the APPO. Attention, the PFP is introducing arms into the university
of Oaxaca.

11:47 The hunger strikers, members of APPO and people in solidarity,
indefinatly block Eje Central L�zaro C�rdenas Avenue in the center of
mexico City, until there is a solution in Oaxaca.

11:46 in the places where the PFP retreated some meters back
independent media found AK47 7.62 shells . There is a military marine
helicopter and a tank in the doors of the university center of
Oaxaca. There are people in two lines on both sides of the line of

11:43 Three thousand members of the Federal preventive Police arrive
in the oaxaca airport , to "heroicly" assault a university radio:
Radio Universidad Aut�noma Benito Ju�rez de Oaxaca.

11:42 It is confirmed that a helicopter landed in the sports arena of
the universidad. The Five Men in a RAM truck took away a protester. the
helicopter landed in the same place.

11:37 Mario Trinidad Michel L�pez has been detained. The tanks
attacked the people in the administration building. The tanks are
washing people with water and phosphorescent ink that lasts 40 hours.

11:36 Near the Oaxacan Technological Institute (AFI), 20 Federal
Investigation Agency trucks are advancing

11:33 Two helicopters have landed in the University of Oaxaca- one is
if the PFP, the other is military.

11:32 The PFP is shooting tear-gas from their helicopters at unarmed
peaceful protester. Just like in Atenco, there have been many shots
that have been taken with tear-gas guns- shoting to kill.

11:31 A heicopter has landed at the Faculty of Ontology in the U of

11:28 PFP tanks are at the admin building of the U of Oaxaca.

11:23 Shots are still being heard. Tear-gas bombs are being dropped
onto Radio Universidad. People are bring asked to form a human barrier.
There is a bombardment of tear-gas and there are more wounded by
tear-gas shots. They are violating the autonomy of the university of
Oaxaca. Helicopters can be heard above in the air. The PFP are entering
the University with tanks moving toward Radio Universidad. The PFP are
marching toward Radio University. A camouflage painted helicopter is
flying above Radio Universidad and its wings can be heard. A total
spectical that's being carried out by the government against a
independent communication outlet.
11:20 3 Helicopters have landed near by Radio Universidad Oaxaca.

11:19 Baja un helic�ptero en 5 se�ores en Oaxaca, frente a la
Universidad de Oaxaca.

11:15 La Radio Universidad de Oaxaca llama a no enfrentar a la PFP.
"Estamos enfrentando a la PFP pero no queremos m�s muertos". Se
escuchan al aire los disparos de al parecer gas lacrim�geno.

11:08 Medical help is being asked for. There are many wounded- the PFP
are shooting tear-gas canisters shooting directly at peoles bodies.
This was the same way the PFP shot and killed a "non-lethal" wepon a
university student in San Salvador de Atenco, according to reports by
the National Commission on Human Rights and many other national and
international human rights organizations. Its being reported the Red
Cross is on the side of the PFP and isn't attending to the wounded
that are part of the peaceful protesters/APPO resisters.

11:07 People are being asked to continue ringing there alarm bells and
car alarms in protest to the police attacks.

11:06 Tear-gas still being launched at the U of Oaxaca- Reports coming
in that university people are defending and pushing back the advance of
the PFP at the entrance of the Science Education Institute. Over the
radio people calling in by telephone can be heard screaming and
coughing due to the tear-gas in the air.

11:03 A helicopter is flying/hovering over the Unioveristy Radio of

10:57 Two track loads of assailants are roving around the city streets
detaining and taking people coming to help the University Radio.
Tear-gas is still being shot at the entrance of the University of

10:56 There are is a lot of tear-gas being shot at the Science
Education Institute.
10:55 Reposts on the University Radio of Oaxaca- peole are calling in
with report of police shooting tear-gas. A helicopter has landed at the
Five Se�ores and at the admin building of the University of Oaxaca

10:54 At the "French Factory" there are wounded people. The PFP are
brutally repressing people. There is a wounded 13 year old boy hit by a
tear-gas canister

10:45 The PFP are shooting tear-gas in the back side of the Autonomous
University of Oaxaca Benito Juarez. In the "laws of war" tear-gas is
illegal. However in "times of peace" the Mexican government is
launching tear-gas at peaceful demonstrators.

10:39 The people that are being arrested are being taking to a
temporary detantion center at the airport. There are reports of 15
people that have been detained at the entrance of the Universty of

10:37 The PFP has entered into the science education Institue of Oaxaca
(oart of the U of Oaxaca) There are violating the university autonomy,
plus other diverse local and federal laws- They are launching tear gas
from the university plaza.

10:34 The PFP have made it to the Soriana in Oaxaca- and are outside of
the Oaxaca University- People in solidarity are still arriving

10:31 There are still hordes of people coming out in solidarity in
Oaxaca and heading in the direction of University Radio of Oaxaca

10:29 On the PFP line, they are taking down another barricade. On the
other side of the Soriana Barricade, police trucks and dump trucks anr
advancing picking up barricade materials.

10:13 The PFP has detained an adult and three children in front of
University Radio of Oaxaca. The adult is known as "Conejo", 28 years
old, he's wearing a blue wool sweater, and his hand is burnt. They have
also detained 3 minors- 2 of 15 years of age and the other of 12 years
of age and his name is Marcelo.

10:12 The Ocatl�n military base near the local trash dump, are
detaining people and doing strip searches

10:09 The director of Oaxaca Autonomous University Benito Juarez, Dr.
Felipe Martinez is at the barricade of the Five Se�ores to help the
passive resistance of the APPO folks that are impeding the entrance of
the PFP and the paramilitaries into the university and University Radio
of Oaxaca.

10:07 It's being reported that the PFP is severely repressing the
people of APPO at the "Five Se�ores" intersection. It's also being
reported that PRIistas in their controlled barrios are firing gun shots
in the air to discourage people from coming out and going to the Oaxaca
University to help defend it.

10:05 APPO has called to retreate one or two meters where the people
are maintaining a front against the PFP. Defending peacefully the
University of Oaxaca. They're doing this to avoid a confrontation with
PRIista paramilitary groups and provocatures that could start a

9:56am The director of the Autonomous Univeristy Benito Juarez (U of
Oaxaca) declares" the University does not deserve this type of raid, it
is a poor university, marginalized by the federal government- it is a
university that has graduted great people (men), great scientist,
valorous people- Leave this place (to the police), you are attacking

9:35am- Another 200 police from the PRP have joined the operative
against the University of Oaxaca. There are towns people coming from
far away communities coming to the aid of the others at the university
clashing with police. The church-bells of the "Five Lords" are ringing-
someone has it to start ringing to alarm. Chants and being yelled and
are being passive.

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