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Timeline from Oaxaca City, 2 November, 2006 (Part 2)

Calamity Barucha | 02.11.2006 22:17 | Oaxaca Uprising | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | World

Minute by minute reporting from Mexico - all times are local times in Mexico

Confirmed Injured: 15 men and 9 Women Injured in between 19 and 78 years old
in one safe space in oaxaca. Hospitals are refusing to admit the injured
and red cross is not respoding to calls. Out of the people in this one safe
space there is at least one person in grave condition.

15:31 Radio Ke huelga reports a blockade on Access 5 highway in mexico
City in support of the people of oaxaca and APPO

15:21 Radio university in Oaxaca announces that during the PFP retreat
there were reports of provocations in the Sit in zone, and that it is
feared that in the following hours there will be attacks by judical
state police and paramilitary PRI groups just as has happened in the
past months.

15:16 The commericial radio reports that there was a confrontation for
the third time with the police on the corner of Eje Central and juarez
en the center of mexico City

15:15 its reported that the Federal Preventice Police are heading
towards the Aocalo, central plaza, of oaxaca

15:14 The Fine Arts Palace of Mexico City is surrounded by riot police.
Surrounding there have been strong protests in support of the people of

15:07 It is reported that Isabel Galindo Aguila, Amado Aguilar, Hector
Guzman, of the faculty of politcial cientas of the university UNAM have
been detained at 13:00.

15:05 The helicopters cover the retreat of the PFP at Cinco Senores
barricade in oaxaca

15:03 The march in Mexico City has arrived to Angel de La
independencia, where there are PFP offices

14:57 helicopters continue circuling around the university zone of

14:56 The march arrives to help support the barricade at the Five
Se�ores just outside the University of Oaxaca.

14:55 The APPO march in the center of Oaxaca is heading toward the
University of Oaxaca.

14:54 A reporter has been injured at the Radio Planton in Oaxaca,
apparently by being hit by a tear-gas grenade

14:48 the PFP retreats from the Five Se�ores intersection.

14:30 A commercial radio is reporting a confrontation on Hidalgo Avenue
in Mexico City, in one of the blockades on the Central Axis (main
avenue in the city) Another blockade in Mexico City on Juarez in the
center of the city. The march continues advancing toward the PFP

14:28 The severely injured, with cranial-encephalic trauma, who we are
pleading for urgently for an ambulance from the Red Cross
International, is named Angel Santos Gallegos. It's been hours since
we've made this call to the International Red Cross and still no

14:21 There is a report of a tank burning.

14:20 A reporter from Channel 40 was returned and not kidnapped.

14:19 The Patrol 09035 is making its way around the center of Oaxaca with
detained people

14:17 In the Ferrocarril Avenue and 5 se�ores in Oaxaca the PFP is throwing
13:56 A report that photographe David Jaramillo, from the commercial
news agency "Universal" is wounded and is being taken to the 4th
military region hospital by PFP helicopter � number PF318. He is in
stable condition.
13:55 Another person detained is being reported at the Five Se�ores
intersection-happened two hours ago.

13:53 A called has been made to the International Red Cross to come to
the help of a person wounded with a encephalic-cranial trauma, who is
at the University of Oaxaca.

13:51 The University director announces that he is putting himself in
front of the University entrance.

13:48 The blockade at the central axis Lazaro Cardenas (main avenue in
Mexico City) has ended- demostrators are now moving toward the
Secretary of the Federal Government building.

13:47 Judicial state police, dressed in grey, entered into the
Institute of Communication Sciences of the university of Oaxaca

13:46 Another person detained at the Noria Avenue at the entrance to
the Five Se�ores intersection

13:41 Felix Jim�nez Fabi�n a carpenter's assistant, was detained and
was visibly beaten. 2 helicopters are dropping tear-gas, trying to take
out the Radio Universidad antenna. There is a house on fire set by the
police attacks. David Jarramillo, photographer from the Universal, was
wounded, in the police attacks.

13:38 A dramatic report from a woman on the Radio Universidad in
Oaxaca, who explains how the judicial state police (Policia
ministariales) attacked people in the streets- the helicopters flying
above dropping tear-gas bombs. Two helicopters are dropping concution

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