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Call out for actions ageinst SHELL

Skippy | 17.12.2010 17:59 | Rossport Solidarity | Climate Chaos | Energy Crisis | Social Struggles | World

Please organise actions ageinst SHELL!
Stop them from destroying our planet our comunities and our lives.

In the next few weeks An Bord Pleanála (the Irish planning board) will be announcing whether they have decided to grant permission for Shell to complete the final section of the Corrib raw gas pipeline. This project has already been delayed for 10years as a result of people campaigning and taking action against Shell. Now in its final stages it becomes even more important to take action against Shell.

While Ireland's economy sinks, the corrupt government is still giving away the
country's natural resources to a company well known for human rights abuses,
corruption, environmental damage and disastrous accidents.

From here to the tar sands in Canada, to oil fields in Iraq and Nigeria,Shell have
destroyed lives, communities and the environment with absolutely no considerations other than their profits.

If An Bord Pleanála side with Shell we intend to launch a campaign of direct action
against Shell and all companies and governments that side with Shell. We need your help.

Please organise actions within your communities that will target Shell economically. The decision is expected to be annouced sometime between late December or early January, so be ready!

Shell only care about their profits, lets hit them where it hurts!

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