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UK Ungoverned: a call to action on March 26th.

some anarchists | 11.03.2011 18:27 | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

The TUC has called for a mass demonstration on March 26th against the cuts. We call to make the 26th a day
of effective action and resistance.

What they are doing...

This government of the super-rich has declared class war on the rest of us. The austerity plan is a 'shock and awe' assault on the heels of crisis, which aims to finish the job started by Thatcher and Blair and dismantle the post-war welfare state. They are sure they can get away with it, believing the past 30 years have erased all traces of community and solidarity and turned us into atomised consumer sheep walking ourselves into the slaughterhouse.

What we are doing...

The world is changing: but it's not turning out the way they hoped. In the UK in the last few months we have seen an unpredicted explosion of rage, action and creativity by students, youth, and the wider anti-cuts movements. Since Millbank we have occupied buildings, outmanoeuvred riot police and swarmed through the streets of London, setting corrupt politicians and compromised union bosses scurrying. Each day the movement gets smarter, stronger and more infectious.

What the world is doing...

Like the European youth movements, the firestorm raging across the Arab world was inconceivable a few short months ago. Like our youth movements, these have been decentralised uprisings inventing new tactics and technologies as they go. The rumbles of rebellion are being heard in the streets of Beijing and are shaking the foundations of the house of Saud. This is not a conspiracy organised by Al Qaeda or Chris Knight. This is us, angry and creative.

What you can do...

The 26th is set to be a turning point: it's time to spread the new energy and tactics beyond the youth to workers and to all who will stand and fight. We will be together in the streets in our numbers. The TUC bosses,
collaborating with the police, plan to make this just another pointless march. We won't let this happen: we will refuse all attempts to restrain our demonstration, our energy, our struggle.

In Cairo and Benghazi we can find clues for the next steps here. This is for real: it's time to move beyond symbolic protest to material action. Blockade the economy, disrupt the supply chain, stop production and
consumption. Make new maps, identify weakpoints, strike, occupy or hit and run. Get together, prepare, organise, build solidarity. Keep each other safe. And get ready to bring down government. There's no going back. We can make a new future.

Please sign and/or circulate this call-out. Or change it. Or make a new one.

some anarchists


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