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#ANTIFA ALERT SMASH ODINISM @slatukip @siegfails @misscheeky666 @jlrfb @ant1fane

ANTIFA WORLDWIDE | 16.03.2016 17:40 | Anti-racism | Indymedia | Social Struggles | London | Sheffield

It says a lot when British Nationalism has to rely on European fascist movements to teach racist Little Englanders how to be racist in England. Gone are the days of homegrown fascist filth such as Oswald Mosley and John Tyndall slobbering over the union flag. Pan-continental fascist groups are now all the rage. Yes, fascism has always been Italian in origin, and yes, the nazis originated in Germany, led by an Austrian. But what about Rule Britannia and God Save The Queen? and what about that absolute guff about preserving Christianity???

Walts For Hitler
Walts For Hitler

Kippers For Nazis
Kippers For Nazis

NF Into Norse Mythology, 14w etc
NF Into Norse Mythology, 14w etc

Having sucked up to American neo-con Islamophobes, Greek Golden Dawnists, German Pegidan neo-nazis, and Polish white supremacists, the latest gang of foreigners to be welcomed by our home grown far right ignoramuses to teach them to hate properly, are Scandinavian Norse-God botherers. Really??? Sadly, yes.

One thing is for sure, the "Soldiers" of Odin, in the UK, especially, are no soldiers. If they were, they would be out fighting ISIS, not walking around in biker jackets without motorcycles, trying to look all hard. Like Golden Dawn setting up their UK chapter, this nazi gang are recruiting the same old, same old (ex-EDL gobshites) to do their bidding, with a splattering of National Action and National Front morons thrown into the mix for bad measure. "All you nazis" are always "bound to lose", as the song lyric goes, however when you stomp about, racially abusing immigrants under the orders of erm... foreigners... lol, any supposed raison d'etre wings its way straight into the dustbin along with their barmy hateful ideology.

Odinist neo-Nazi beliefs were popularised by David Lane, coiner of the NF's / Pie and Mash's fourteen words (14w) a horrific anti-Semitic American murderer (who murdered a Jewish schoolteacher), who harked back to Adolf Hitler's appropriation of Norse mythology in twisting non-racist Nordic Asatru beliefs for their racist aims. There is absolutely no evidence Vikings were racist, but you wouldn't think that from studying Odinist beliefs. No-doubt the ex-EDLers who make up SOO UK, whilst giving their press conference from a back room in a run-down Wetherspoons in a one-horse town somewhere or abouts, snorting cocaine in the toilets pre-interview, ignorant of their beloved English language as always, will describe Islam as a "Medieval religion" whilst honouring a pre-Medieval superstitious neo-Paganist deity, Odin.

You truly indeed can't make this shit up.

LBC are hardly likely to give the Odinists hell, as they have a soft spot for Hitler-lickers, however if Jon Snow happened to be there at that Wetherspoons press conference, he would most definitely give the hypocrites a hard time. Many SOE "vigilantes" have been arrested throughout Europe for beating up refugees, and are in jail or police custody for acts of racist violence, so this particular neo-Nazi movement can hardly be called "non-racist" or "peaceful", the usual attempted get-out clause for modern-day fascists when facing the glare of the camera.

Though fiercely anti-Semitic, Britain's SOE morons, many moonlighting with the SEA / NF/ NWI / NEI, will be playing up their Islamophobic credentials for the media, accusing Muslims of arriving to rape and sexually abuse white Britons, whilst sporting a logo of Viking warriors who (rightly or wrongly) were widely believed to have raped and pillaged British women during early Viking invasions to these shores.

This is the "Soldiers" of Odin's Achilles Heel. Rape and pillage apologists arriving in the UK to supposedly protect white women from rape. Jon Snow would indeed have fun, pointing this age-old Viking stereotype out to these morons, as the nazi thugs seek to stereotype Muslims as rapists.

The Viking "rape and pillage" is a stereotype that Odinists have no problem with, as like Hitler, whose nazi armies raped millions of women whilst invading Poland what became the USSR, they see non-Aryans as being sub-humans open to any amount of abuse, and ultimately, death in concentration camps.

Sitting ducks for ridicule they might be, however, as everybody who witnessed the cowardly antics of the hardcore neo-nazis attacking anti-fascists with bricks, rocks and bottles in Dover and Liverpool, whilst hiding behind the police for protection, militant antifascism is the only protective solution for society.