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Distribution of free food to become illegal in London

Mike | 07.11.2007 13:36 | Anti-militarism | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Birmingham | London

London Councils, which represents the 33 local authorities in London has prepared a private bill, the tenth "London Local Authorities Bill" which will make the distribution of free food and refreshments anywhere in London an offence. The bill is to be put in front of Parliament on the 27th November 2007.

The bill states that "the unfettered distribution of free food and refreshments causes a nuisance to occupiers of premises, often residential premises". Clearly the welfare of the most vulnerable people in society does not figure particularly highly on the priorities of the London Councils, especially not when competing with the interests of big business or the owners of flash apartments. Their website states that they " develop policy, lobby government .. to make life better for Londoners". Obviously the London Councils do not consider the homesless as 'people' or 'Londoners', what could possibly make life better for the homeless than the provision of free food?

Being convicted of the "unlawful distribution of free (sic) food" would make the convicted liable of a fine not exceeding level 4 on the standard scale. Furthermore, exemptions would be made for the distribution of refreshments to people taking part in sporting events. Anyone for a game of football at the next Food Not Bombs? Also retail outlets would remain free to give out free food samples outside their premises, nothing to stand in the way of unfettered capitalism then!

Contact your local MP and tell them to momentarily refrain from spending their six figure expenses budget and do something about it. How long before this policy spreads elsewhere?



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