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struggle against the CPE - view from a french young protester

a french protester | 05.04.2006 22:32 | French CPE uprising 2006 | Globalisation | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | London

the movement is rising day after day. the demo of the 04 april has been considered by everyone in France as the summit of the contestation. direct actions are now occuring every day in all important cities : road and streets blockades, train station occupations ...

this call is a shout, a young scream across the borders.

excuse me if i speak in - bad -english, it's the only way i found to write for a lot of countries... i am sorry...

this call is about the french protest against the CPE.
to resume it's a measure for the people who is under 26 years.
it allows the employers to lay off during two years, without any justification. in the same time it exempts employers to pay social contributions.

we send a call to everyone to join us in this fight against this new trick from capitalism.

The strike takes now a global politic turn. the CPE is still the point of convergence, for the union in protestation, but a lot of ideas are now re-discovered by the people.

the movement really becomes global. I have not seen this since the anti globalisation protests (Genes 2001, Prague 2000, Seatlle 1999...)

everyone in the streets is concerned. i am especially talking about Grenoble, a city in the Alps but i have heard about a lot of things in Toulouse, Paris, Lille (in Lille it's a real urban fight).

this call is only my call. i know that every country has its own problems and that unite is no easy. but this "spring" is an opportunity to move in Europe.

i don't know if french associations, organisations have wrote to you to say this. in all cases don't believe the tv news. our own tv medias are corrupted and try to make people believing that the protestation is falling. but it's false !

for free months faculties (as in Rennes) are occupied by protesters. for one month actions are rising every day.

we need you ! we need every one to continue the fight !
i hope that we will win and that the CPE will be cancelled.

but i also believe that the protestation will increase because the subject becomes - slowly, but strongly - the meaning of life in this social system, in this economical system. that's why now it concernes less the french students and young french workers but everyone in the world who can recognize himself - herself in this situation : we need to reclaim our fate, to reclaim our time, our streets : OUR LIFE. we need to fight against this system because it tries to lead us in military war, in economical and social wars...
we need to act and not to see as passive masses...


thank you for having read this to the end... it's hard for me to find my words...

if you want to answer, to say something :


a french protester