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Wembley Tent City Occupation Forced Eviction 4pm: Resist!

Wembley Tent City Occupation | 16.07.2008 13:09 | Education | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London

Council balliffs have just arrived on site following the injunctions and threats of prison time, served less than two hours ago, for all involved in the campaign and have given orders for everyone on site to leave before 4pm or face for forced eviction and possible arrest.

Balliffs will be arriving on site at 4pm with specialist equipment to remove everyone and everything.

The earlier injunctions, served less than two hours ago, have threaten the protestors with prison time and the use of police to forcibly remove all those resisting the eviction.

Supporters and resistors needed now.

For more details contact 0776 2737 306 or 0784 3282450

Wembley Tent City Occupation

Wembley Anti-Academy Tent City Occupation, Bridge Road, Wembley.

Nearest Tube:
Wembley Park (Metropolitan Line)

302 from Mill Hill and Kensal Rise
297 from Willesden Garage
83 from Golders Green

Wembley Tent City Occupation
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