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Dale Farm eviction notice served -- Camp Constant to be set up from Sat. Aug 27

Dale Farm Solidarity | 04.07.2011 16:39 | Dale Farm | Anti-racism | Migration | Social Struggles

Today, some 90 families at Dale Farm, the UK's largest Traveller community, were hand-delivered a final notice of eviction giving families until midnight on August 31 to abandon their homes, or face their entire community being bulldozed. The central government and Basildon Council have set aside over £18m for the eviction battle that could last three weeks. It will be the biggest clearance of its kind involving the ploughing up of 54 separate plots created on a former scrap-yard purchased by the Travellers ten years ago.

Dale Farm is only a 30 minute train ride from London, and hundreds of people have pledged to join residents in nonviolent resistance to the destruction of Dale Farm. The residents of Dale Farm have encouraged their supporters to establish a base at Dale Farm, Camp Constant, to resist this eviction and house human rights monitors.

Join us on Saturday August 27th and beyond, starting with a weekend of Traveller history & celebration together with practical eviction resistance training. There will also be training for legal observers and human rights monitors, and a bit of a party on Saturday night. Sleeping space is available in caravans or you can bring a tent. The eviction could go ahead right after midnight on August 31st, so we will be staying at Dale Farm before then in preparation. Please check for further updates.

Dale Farm is within easy reach from London Liverpool St. Station. See for directions.

You can sign up to our email bulletins here:

Stay overnight at Dale Farm and Alerts - Urgent call for Support

After the August 31st, an eviction could happen at any time, and we might not know when. We'll need people to be on standbye to come up to Dale Farm in the event of an eviction. See for details. We also need people to spend the night at Dale Farm to provide around the clock support to the community and resistance to the eviction. We are looking for groups and individuals to pledge to stay overnight.

If you can be on eviction alert, or spend a night at Dale Farm, please sign up here:

Also, please ask your friends to ask their friends to pledge to stay a

Weekend Activity Days

On July 9th and beyond, we will be building defences to resist the eviction, as well as supporting the community and setting up Camp Constant. We will also hold a meeting there, every Saturday at 1 pm. For more information, and to check the dates of activity days see

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