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Nick Griffin the mortgage broker?

Lancaster UAF | 27.06.2007 01:39 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | Liverpool

Just what precisely IS the BNP now?

What precisely is the BNP? Your guess is as good as ours but now it's rapidly becoming a money-grubbing national joke! First it was secondhand cars, then the fake church and union, then it was life insurance, swiftly followed by double-glazing and skip hire - though that's ignoring all the little bits and pieces on the way like the BNP's invisible though expensive bus and the radio station that never was - and now it has entered the (it hopes) lucrative mortgage market.

The British National Party, rapidly becoming the most financially-inept and patently desperate organisation in the known universe, has branched out into trying to flog you a mortgage for that dream home of yours - or rather to act as it planned to act with Albion Life - to sell you a mortgage via some other company and take a broker's fee for doing nothing except setting up a web site and finding the sucke - customers.

The BNP's new attempted rip-off, the quaintly-named Avocado (thick-skinned, slimy inside and with a heart of stone) Mortgages appears to be working through a company named David Boulton Mortgage Solutions who apparently have an office at 28 West Road, Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan, Wales, CF31 4HD.

Curiously, or perhaps not, this appears to be the same David Boulton of Financial Solutions Unlimited in Bridgend who was associated with the BNP's failed venture into life insurance, the laughably short-lived Albion Life. David Boulton appears to be a busy boy - he's also listed as David Boulton & J. Saunders (Mortgages), Victoria Chambers, 7 Dunraven Place, Bridgend, Vale Of Glamorgan, CF31 1JF, Tel: 01656 664006. Whether this is the same David Boulton is uncertain but it seems unlikely that a smallish place like Bridgend is awash with David Boultons, all involved in mortgages and/or financial advice.

Readers may recall that Albion Life made a very big thing of being involved with the British National Party, clearly hoping that supporters would sign up and leave their insurance to the party when they finally pegged it. Avocado though - obviously having learned a valuable lesson from its predecessor, doesn't mention the BNP at all, which might not actually be fraud as far as the law is concerned, but certainly seems like it...

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