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Diggers 350th birthday march and occupation VIDEO | 12.12.2006 15:27 | Culture | Repression | Social Struggles | London | Oxford

April the 3rd, 1999

11 min video chronicle of the march and occupation of St. George's Hill in Surrey on the 350th birthday of the Diggers occupation of the same area.

mpeg1 video - 11mins - 85mb

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Nice one son!

12.12.2006 17:51

Well done Jamie for putting this together after such a long time since it happened. In case anyone's interested I have quite a lot of footage of my own shot on that day. There were exactly 350 people on the march - Andrew Bradstock counted them! Getting into one of the most heavily secured private gated estates in Britain governed by it's own Act of Parliament was a lot of adrenaline and fun.
As the super rich buy bigger and bigger houses as an investment, squatters are squatting bigger and bigger houses in more and more luxury - hurrah!

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Tony Gosling
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