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Marines menace Zapatista community Nuevo San Rafael

Edinburgh-Chiapas Solidarity Group | 28.08.2003 16:57 | Repression | Social Struggles | Zapatista | World

Mexican government officials and Marines have once more menaced the Zapatista community of Nuevo San Rafael in Montes Azules. On 19 August officials from PROFEPA, marines from the state armed forces, and also TV reporters all arrived in the community, which is also known as Ignacio Allende, and is in the south of Montes Azules, Chiapas, Mexico.

This is part of an ongoing government campaign to intimidate and evict indigenous communities in this area of Chiapas.

The network of community defenders of human rights denounce this intimidation, and furthermore state "We call on national and international public opinion not to be fooled by the pseudo-ecological campaign orchestrated by the government and Azteca TV. As has been demonstrated, behind them stand the interests of transnational corporations."

The resource-rich Montes Azules jungle area is coveted by multinationals, who aim to "develop" the area as part of the Plan Puebla Panama.

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