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Update from Jenin

Sounds Like Freedom | 31.08.2003 16:20 | Repression | Social Struggles

Report and footage from the streets of occupied Jenin

On the 29th of August the Israeli army lifted the curfew imposed on Jenin and the people began to move around the city, going about their usual doings on Fridays, the holy day for Muslims.
At around noon the news spread that a small unit of [un] special forces had occupied an abandoned building near the Old City of Jenin.
It seems likely this was part of an attempt to observe the resistance, if not take the opportunity to arrest or kill. Or they may simply have been bored.
A few brave children began to stone the windows of the building, their stones were answered with a hail of machine gun fire at the busy street below.
Then four tanks, followed by several jeeps arrived to retrieve the soldiers from the building. As more shebab gathered in the alleys of the Old City, the tanks started firing at them. This was answered by shots from Palestinian resistance, which reportedly wounded two soldiers.
After about half an hour, the Israeli army left, leaving one small boy shot in the arm, an old man whose nose was scraped by a bullet, some damage to surrounding shops and buildings, and streets full of angry and terrorised people, being circled from above by an apache helicopter.
The next day there was another incursion into the Old City of Jenin, leaving another young man with another bullet wound. Two prominent members of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade were arrested, despite heavy resistance fire.
On the streets of Jenin it is difficult to find among the shebab (youth) one without a bullet wound. Every day these children face the army and watch their friends get shot with [un] sophisticated military equipment.
Oppose the sale and production of the arms industries, the foreign policies driven by greed and profit and the Zionist deception that one tragedy justifies another.

Here are three links (cut and paste into RealMedia player) to films made in the last few days in Jenin, direct from its streets to show you the reality of what is happening in Occupied Palestine. Please distribute as widely as possible.

Israeli army enter Jenin camp early on Thursday morning:

Curfew enforced in Jenin on Thursday:

Special forces operation in central Jenin near the Old City. Soldiers occupy the top floor of an empty office, possibly to draw out armed resistance:

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