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The mother of all demonstrations-central London 29th April 2011

Enough is enough | 15.12.2010 18:39 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Everyone to the streets of London on the new bank holiday!

For some bizarre reason the wedding of two inbred parasites will attract the press of the world.
Therefore we will show the world that we have had enough of this destructive system and hold a massive protest in central London. Fuck the government, fuck the banks, fuck the corporations, fuck their wars, fuck their pollution, fuck the fucking monachy!
As it's a holiday everyone is invited!
Everyone to the steets-April 29th!

Enough is enough


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  1. Oh yeah — builder
  2. Better dead than wed — cl@ss w@r
  3. time to tie the knot — traitor
  4. Not this time — alibi