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Colombia claims founder of FARC is dead. - disinfo alert.

iosaf mac d | 24.05.2008 18:23 | Analysis | Social Struggles | Terror War | World

Pedro Antonio Marín a.k.a. Manuel Marulanda Vélez codename "Tirofijo" (English: Sureshot) (born 12 May 1930 Genova, Colombia - is reported by Colombia to have died of a heart attack on the 22nd of March 2008)

The release of this news this afternoon is calculated to distract from the court order issued in the last 14 hours on Senator Piedad Córdoba the champion indiginous and womens' rights in Colombia and most outspoken critic of the Uribe regime. Already facing charges of treason for describing Colombia as a "Narcostate" and Uribe as being the centre of a Mafia and Terrorist regime, Piedad Cordoba's case ought take full consideration today.

Tirofijo the founder of FARC was believed to be the oldest "guerilla" alive. His death in March would have followed three weeks after the March 1st assassination of Raul Reyes who proposed a peace process in 2005, a process which Senator Cordoba was international recognised as working for in a role of interlocutor, opposed to paramilitarism and to the purpose of conflict resolution. Indeed Raul Reyes was married to one of Tirofijo's daughters Olga Marín.

In the last hours the narcostate of Colombia has dropped an infobomb on analysts and journalists worldwide.

If they're good at one other thing than serving paradoxical US interests of CIA and DEA and keeping the world both supplied with and eradicating cocaine - the narcostate of Colombia is very good at disinfo or info manipulation. & as such the reported death of "Tirofijo" the founder of FARC must be understood. As indeed the failure of Sarkozy's humanitarian intervention and Chavez' International Red Cross "operation Emmanuel" to save a baby from FARC which was in a Colombian narcostate orphanage all along.

& thus we ought not be surprised that in the last hours two conflicting dates are being presented for his death - 22/3/08 or 24/3/08 nor need we dwell upon the fact that the news was leaked yesterday to a Colombian right wing magazine by Defence minister Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, suspected of AUC (far right terrorist) collusion and/or membership or if that's libel at least keep it at him being a very close friend and associate of Pedro Carmona who attempted a foiled "coup d'etat" against Chavez.

You can't write an obituary without consistent information. English and Spanish wikipedia do not curently gel :-
& Spanish language media is equally confused and partisan having already focussed on the Piedad Cordoba news.

English links :

There will be an update comment later on & there will be as planned a translation of comments and interviews given by Senator Piedad Cordoba on the road to Peace and Conflict Resolution as well as the need to bring Uribe to the International Criminal Tribunal soon. Her persecution and that of those she speaks for and has nearly been assassinated for are plainly of more newsvalue than the death of Pedro Antonio Marín "Tirofijo". For without the bravery of the ordinary women and indiginous on the frontiers of Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador - nobody is going to Rest In Peace.

Peace Processes are not won.
They are earned.


I had intended to publish today a series of comments in translation made by Senator Piedad Cordoba whilst visiting Europe for the Catalan VI table of peace conference in April on the presence of far right terrorists in Uribe's cabinet and the role currently played by Sarkozy in the region. It was to be the second of a series on women connected to the Colombia situation the first being - - " Colombia parades FARC's top female "Karina" - Regional Temperature rising. 19.05.2008"

iosaf mac d