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Independent : Judge who sentenced animal rights activist was fan of blood sports

WARN | 10.07.2008 10:02 | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Repression | Social Struggles | Birmingham

It would seem that the real story of Sean Kirtley's plight has been picked up by the national press (Independent) we hope this will raise the profile of Sean's case and have already been told by Bindmans (Seans legal team) that this should help his appeal no end!

Please comment on the article if you have a second or write a letter to them to keep this story in the forefront!

Speaking with Seans girlfriend yesterday she said Sean is in high spirits and everybody in his block loves him and them crowd into his cell each night to watch telly and play cards. He thanked everyone for writing so many letters and was overwhelmed with the support he has received from the outside! He did say he would write a statement for us soon!

Please write to him at:

Sean Kirtley
WC 6977
HMP Blakenhurst
Hewell Lane
B97 6QS.

Sean can accept Postal orders and Cheques (made out to the “The Governor - HMP Blakenhurst”)

- e-mail: warn [at]
- Homepage:


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  1. you are a scapegoat to frighten others off by a prejudice judge — peter ambler
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