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Raga P and Trial delay of Malaysian Activists.

C Murray | 26.07.2008 11:27 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

This is a heads up on some of the repressions in Malaysia , from
colleagues and friends caught up in the new rules, regulations
and problems- which really have been building up since Anwar's
first trial.

image from Raja Petra's Site
image from Raja Petra's Site

'N' says that all info on trial delay and regular updates on activists
are available on the Suaram webpage.

A collection of laws on the issues of women travelling from Malaysia
and travelling alone have been added to the 'no lipstick, mascara, high-heel'
dealie which though largely ignored - have the effect of making women
afraid that they are alone objectified and 'regulation-wise' seen as
'rape -bait' if their mode of dress is displeasing &c.

The trial will resume in the Autumn.

Meantime a blogger Raj P faces six years for sniffing around a high
profile murder trial, Raja Petra set up the Malaysia Today News-site-
and they have been waiting to net him a while. Reports say he is fine
and fighting it.

CPJ and IFEX are press-releasing on his arrest- Raja Petra's trial is
scheduled for August 15th , he also faces trial for sedition and a
multi-million suit for damages- just to make sure that he will never
pick up a pen again- others less fortunate just have their legs broken
or a bit of downtime in Prison.


" On May 6th Raja Petra was charged under Malaysia's draconian
Sedition Act and imprisoned for three days over his critical postings about
the murder trial. he refused to post bail after his arrest and was only
released after he came under threat by two imprisoned police officilas
implicated in the murder (trial) , who were placed in the same cell
at the Sungai Buloh jail in Kuala Lumpar"

Travelling to and from Malaysia is sticky, with the multiple shots needed.
New regulations about Cars, the central type location where interested
plane-spotters can observe illegal flyovers from OZ to Timor-Leste
and where one can regard flotillas of US warships heading into the
straits. it truly is a cross-roads with regular reports of Indonesian
forest fires , floods and city lock-downs.

The Malaysian Parliament collapsed last week- leading to armed road-blocks
through out the City and 'Fuck the Government Repression' Parties
when mostly people have just had enough crap in their lives.

info on the altantya shaariibuu murder trial :

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