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latest on health of thess 5

chuffed | 27.11.2003 21:08 | Thessaloniki EU | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles

latest on health of thess 5

News regarding the health situation of the 5

by Ilias Z. (transfering from Dr. Grivas) 05:42pm, Thursday November 27 2003
(Modified 07:32pm, Thursday November 27 2003)
News regarding the health situation of the 5 ex-hungerstrikers, given through the telephone by Dr. Kleanthis Grivas. It seems good!

On a phone conversation with Dr Kleanthis Grivas, who has been watching medically over the 5 hungerstrikers for some weeks now, we learned the following

- The external image of their health is good, in the sense that they have mobility, they can walk (slowly). The psychological effect from the news of their release has contributed a lot to that.

- However, it is not yet certain that they won't have any permanent (irreversible) health problem. They have been under serious health stress, and an exhaustive series of medical tests in now under way, to clarify the exact situation of their health. The main issues, so to speak the ones that can lead to future problems, are:

Spiros Tsitsas: liver inflation
Carlos Martinez: diminution of the kidneys
Simon Chapman: Pliktrodaktilia, that is a sign of lung or liver problem.
Suleiman Dakdouk: non-translatable (!) anus problem. The problem resulted from his inability to ..shit (excuse me but I can't find the "proper" word in English). The good news is that today he succeeded to do it, and it seems like he will avoid surgery.

- They have begun eating very small quantities of food, namely soups. Yesterday night they were given a lot of vitamins and other enhancive substances. Until noon today, they remained at the Nikaia hospital, but it is very possible that they will be going to homes, even from today. More on that:

- From now on it's an issue of self-discipline. That is to say that if they follow the doctors' instructions, and don't start eating freely, which could do a lot of damage, they don't have to remain at the hospital. Chapman and Suleiman(Kastro) who are the most disciplined, are probably exiting the hospital today. This is also possible for Carlos and Fernando as well.

- The "problem" is with Spiros Tsitsas, whom when he learned that he was released, started dreaming of souvlaki! The first thing he had to say was: "can I have a piece of cheese now, please?"!! So he might not be admitted to leave the hospital, until he is in such a condition that he will not be endangered by his huge appetite :))

These are the news for now, and I hope the transfer of it through the telephone was medically sound. Let's hope for the best for the 5!