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Employment Grinch of the Year Election

Rebel W | 26.11.2003 22:45 | Bush 2003 | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Jobs With Justice have just announce their festive elections for American National Employment Grinch of the Year. But due to globalisation, and that "special relationship", these aren't really American only Grinch Candidates...

And the nominations are:

George W. Bush (well duh, except they list other reasons)
Wal-Mart (Which we like to call Asda, even though Asda died a while back)
Miami Police Commissioner John Timoney (FTAA related anti-protester thuggery)
Comcast Shareholder Brian Roberts (Doesn't really apply)
Cintas (Same again)

So basically, its "#1 Terrorist"*, Globally Crap Supermarket Employer, the basher of our comrades. Tough choice. And then there are the other two...

Rebel W

* Source: Socialist Worker Placards on the 20th November Anti-Bush demo in London.

Rebel W