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two months at the Castillo!

CSO Castillo squatters | 21.12.2011 13:47 | Social Struggles | World

Update- we have occupied social centre "Castillo" in Barcelona for 2 months...

Almost two months in CSOA Castillo

For almost two months we have occupied the Castillo (Castle) in Les Planes on top of the Collserola mountain range in Barcelona. Since then a lot has happened, with this we would like to inform you about recent developments. Firstly most of the cleaning and rennovation work is, in parts completed and the social centre can present its frst events program:

Wednesday: 7pm cafe night and movie
Thursday: 3pm stick fighting and self defense class, also we work together with squatted bank in Gracia on Tuesdays to do stick fighting and self defence then afterwards a solidarity dinner.

The increasing repression against leftist, anarchist or free spaces also affects us. Our court process starts on january 24th, we will inform you in time about actions and protests. There is still much work to be done, mainly we need a LOT of help building barricades and also need lots of materials, wood, metal, agi-props....etc etc..
Pass by and show your solidrity!!!!
Castillo Squatters 21/12/11

CSO Castillo squatters