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Latest consolidated polling

Lancashire Lass | 01.02.2016 12:25 | Analysis | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

The latest 'poll of polls' numbers are even worse than we feared.

It's time for Jeremy Corbyn to step down before the Labour Party becomes a complete irrelevance to the people of this country.

The UK as a whole, in answer to the question,

"Which party would you most likely vote for if there was a General Election next week ?"

Conservative 41%
Labour 22%
Liberal Democrat 6%
UKIP 12%
Green 3%
Other (including don't know) 16%

The same question asked in Scotland

SNP 49%
Conservative 21%
Labour 9%
Liberal Democrat 2%
Other (including don't know) 19%

This means the Tory party lead over Labour in the entire UK is now the highest it has been since the days of Thatcher and we have the very real possibility of the Tories being the second party in Scotland behind the SNP. The news is worse once questions about the leaders are asked.

"Who do you think would make the best British Prime-minister ?"

David Cameron (Conservative) 58%
Nigel Farage (UKIP) 25%
Jeremy Corbyn (Labour) 11%
Tim Farron (Liberal Democrat) 6%
Natalie Bennett (Green) 1%

Lancashire Lass