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London g8 action

Dr Who | 06.07.2005 19:36 | G8 2005 | Analysis | Globalisation | Social Struggles | London

London g8 action at Business Action for Africa

There was a local-London action as part of the anti-g8 protests today at the secretive, so-called Business Action for Africa summit, at The Brewery, EC1.The picket lasted for three hours, with masses of leaflets distributed and lively discussion with delgates and passers-by.

While secret deals were being hatched at Gleneagles, other secret deals were being plotted in London. One of these is to set up a $550 million fund, launched by Niall FitzGerald who says this will help create a ' healthy investment climate' that will offer companies 'attractive financial returns compared to competing destinations'.

The notoriously exploitative Anglo-American Corporation and Barclays Bank hace already jumped at the chance to make a fast buck through more proffiteering from the world's poor and dispossesed.

The Dr Who Crew detained a couple of G8 daleks in attendance, and were in turn detained by the cops,who demanded to know which organisation we were from and our movements over the next three days.

It was great to hear that Blair's lackey Geldof got blockaded this morning in Scotland. Good Luck to protesters in Scotland.

Dr Who
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