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South Bristol Anarchists Storm Blair's Flats

South Bristol Anarcho | 06.07.2005 23:28 | G8 2005 | Social Struggles

Militants, The South Bristol Anarchists, stormed Tony Blair's luxury apartments in Bristol today in support of Black Bloc G8 actions in Scotland.

The group took control of the luxury flats in the upmarket apartment complex 'The Panoramic' in the centre of Bristol at around 6pm this evening.
Flat-footed Avon & Somerset coppers were taken entirely by surprise, having mobilised their large numbers to police a peaceful demonstration elsewhere in the city.
A communique issued by the South Bristol Anarchists said: "We have taken control of Blair's million pound flats in an act of solidarity with militant black bloc comrades in Scotland.
"Blair is a hypocrite who claims he is "making poverty history" whilst sitting on personal investment property worth millions of pounds in our city.

South Bristol Anarcho
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