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South Bristol Anarchists Storm Blair's Flats

South Bristol Anarcho | 06.07.2005 23:28 | G8 2005 | Social Struggles

Militants, The South Bristol Anarchists, stormed Tony Blair's luxury apartments in Bristol today in support of Black Bloc G8 actions in Scotland.

The group took control of the luxury flats in the upmarket apartment complex 'The Panoramic' in the centre of Bristol at around 6pm this evening.
Flat-footed Avon & Somerset coppers were taken entirely by surprise, having mobilised their large numbers to police a peaceful demonstration elsewhere in the city.
A communique issued by the South Bristol Anarchists said: "We have taken control of Blair's million pound flats in an act of solidarity with militant black bloc comrades in Scotland.
"Blair is a hypocrite who claims he is "making poverty history" whilst sitting on personal investment property worth millions of pounds in our city.

South Bristol Anarcho
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Stirling effort

07.07.2005 06:57

I called my grandmother, aunts and my cousins in stirling, I also spoke to an a mate from university that lives there. You know what they all said that apart from the Burger King (which they had only seen on the news) they hadn't seen any evidence that Stirling had been 'smashed up'. My grandmother also told me that most residents were supportive of the protesters, as they resented the lack of consultation and choice in the whole G8 process.

You're there though, perhaps you could give me some examples of what has been smasked up



07.07.2005 06:58

since when have burger king and pizza hut become "residential"? those were the things i heard of being "wrecked" in stirling- animal torturing, labor stealing, planet destroying corporate monsters? wreck away...


Dispossess the rich

07.07.2005 11:17

"Kill the Rich" is not a good slogan and besides it is bad for the health of the killer. Let them remain the killers and let us disposses them so that they can no longer kill. It is the supporters of capitalism who practice that the end justifies the means. We can only fundamentally change the world through ideas so let us select and perpetuate ideas that will make capitalism, the buying and selling of people, exploitation, war, poverty, impossible. Napolean was right when he wrote:

"There are but two powers in the world: the sword and the mind.
In the long run the sword is always beaten by the mind."

1769 -1821 - Napoleon Bonaparte

Trevor Goodger-Hill
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a Class War operation...

07.07.2005 14:12

Extract from 20.06.05 Alex Jones interview with David Shayler, former MI5 agent and whistleblower:

Alex Jones: So back in 1991, you get into MI5 and you're there working for them, when did you first start to get inklings of what was really going on?

David Shayler: Well I worked in the section that dealt with Communists and Trotskyists, and so on, which was a bit of a hangover from the Cold War. Bear in mind that at that time the Cold War had been over for two years and that these sections still existed, and I saw how they manipulated political protest groups. How they penetrated legitimate groups like the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and other... and all the mainstream political groups...

AJ: Where they trying to radicalise and get them to provocateur?

DS: There was certainly cases of that. There was one case in an anarchist group called Class War, which was virtually being run by an agent of the state. He was actually a full time policeman, who lived six days as an anarchist and one day as a policeman. He was running Class War essentially. Without him the organisation would have been incapable of doing anything at all.

AJ: We've found that here too.

DS: So that was the first tip off that something was wrong...

deep down the rabbit hole


07.07.2005 15:22

so who was that then? CW was being run mainly from Bris and Manc by then IIRC.



07.07.2005 19:40



mi5 black block

07.07.2005 19:45

yes alright now tha discussing begins once more
I see the same procedure as in Genova the Left
Movement is going to be taken apart by some rumors
that all tha blac bloc activists are actually governmently
run. You know that the purpose of this is taking
away solidarity between peaceful activists and militant
resistance. But I hope you won't take it too serious
because there is sympathy on both sides for each other.
The CIRCA and all the others do accept the method of black
an blue block and the other way around the black and blue bloc
has a lot of sympathy and comprehension for the actions of
the pink and silver block.

A finger alone can be broken
but you cant break a fist.

german activist

nothing new here

11.07.2005 13:12

nothing at all new here, unfortunately it appears that old (chuckle chuckle) class war folks have come out of retirement, mid-life crisis? Anyway they failed miserably first time around and they are still beating the same dead horse. Its sad but as long as it keeps them happy.


class war 'anarchists'

06.04.2008 11:35

Are these guys still pretending to be anarchists?!
You lot don't know the first thing about anarchism and never will.
Just a bunch of ignorant elitist fools who contribute to popular misunderstanding of anarchism. Well done dickheads...Sticking a poster up with a childish slogan that took you hours to think up WOW REVOLUTIONARY. NOT. Get a life. You're like confused teenagers in old mens bodies. Hilarious hahaha