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Scotts against the G8!

dave | 06.06.2007 19:10 | G8 Germany 2007 | Globalisation | Social Struggles

Scottish protestors are part of the mobilisation currently ongoing in Northern Germany against the G8 summit.

One group of Scots were part of a group of mainly UK activists, with some other help, who traveled across country and through roads, outsmarting and out manouvering the cops. They then blocked the routes used by delegates using what could be found, mainly logs and fallen branches. All Scotts in that group have returned to camp safely now after almost no police repression.

Other Scotts are part of the Block G8 blockades and face staying overnight as thousands blockade the summit. They left as part of the "fingure" marches which got round and through police lines, despite water cannon and lots of cops.

The camp at Rostock was surrounded by cops this evening who started searching the camp but they havent got a warrent and have now retreated deciding the "control" people coming in and out of the camp.

The resistance continues and it is clear: WE ARE WINNING!!

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