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Action Plan for The Hungerstrikers in Greece

Thsessaloniki Support Group | 24.11.2003 20:59 | Thessaloniki EU | Repression | Social Struggles | London | World


5 Anti capitalist prisoners, inprisoned on false charges in Greece are on hungerstrike demanding their release on bail.

Suleiman Dakduk, Carlos Martinez, Fernando Perez, Simon Chapman and Spiros Tsitsas have now been without food for between 42 and 59 days and their condition is looking critical.

Carlos, Fernando and Spiros have now been moved to Nikeas hospital in Athens. The others are in Koridallos prison where they can recieve mail at-

Kratoumeno (prisoners name here)
Fylakes Koridallos
Athens, Greece
(put a return address on the back of the envelope or it won't get through)

An appeal for bail on humanitarian grounds was refused on Monday 24t November, so things are looking pretty grim at the present time, and more pressure is needed on the Greek Authorities.

Please write to the Greek Embassy at-
Embassy of Greece
1a Holland Park

If any of the hungerstrikers falls into a coma or dies there will be a demo at 4pm the same day at the

Greek Tourist Board
4 Conduit St (off Regents St)
(Or organise your own event if you live outside London)

A phone tree is being set up to relay emergency information quickly. If you want to be on it email your phone number to this address. (Mobile is best as we can send mass texts easily)

Your Solidarity is badly needed

Thsessaloniki Support Group
- Homepage:


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