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Occupy Sheffield's Rally for the 99%

Chris | 21.01.2012 15:17 | Occupy Everywhere | Gender | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Sheffield

Occupy Sheffield held a rally for the 99% outside Sheffield Town Hall on 21st January as part of the 3rd National Occupy Conference.

The rally was address by various speakers including:

* Tom (Occupy Sheffield)
* Jillian Creasy (Green Party)
* Colin Hampton (Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre)
* Dawn Hunt (Socialist party) speaking up for people with additional needs
* Maxine Bowler (Sheffield Anti-cuts Alliance)
* Alistair Tice (Socialist party) on a Socialist alternative
* Julia O’Dwyer on the threat of extradition to the USA faced by her son, see her website and follow @jrodwyer on twitter
* a speaker for Defend Council Housing

More info on the conference:




21.01.2012 22:17

Peter Garbutt - Sheffield Rotherham Green Party also spoke - he is pictured above but not listed

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