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EU Gymnich 2005 - 1st & 2nd September Newport South Wales

Burn Straw | 10.08.2005 14:28 | Ecology | Globalisation | Social Struggles

A call out to all groups & individuals opposed to the ‘profit before people’ policies of the EU to carry out colourful & creative protests at the meeting.

The Gymnich is the ‘informal meeting’ of Foreign Ministers from European Union Member States, the High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and the Commissioner for External Relations. It is hosted by the EU President nation every six months. On 1st & 2nd September 2005 Foreign Secretary Jack Straw will hold the latest at The Celtic Manor Resort, Coldra Woods, Newport, Gwent, NP18 1HQ.

Under the two themes of Global Warming & Africa the meeting’s discussion will cover policy areas under the General Affairs and External Relations Council including institutional affairs, security & defence policy, development and trade relations with non-EU countries.

At present the UK is both EU President and host of the G8. Blair has repeatedly stated that Africa and Climate Change would be targeted as central policy areas for discussion in both forums.

However the Gleneagles communiqué on climate change from the G8 did nothing, whilst new measures announced concerning Africa, Asia and South America will increase poverty through economic restructuring which benefit western companies.

The EU is likely to continue in the same vein as the G8, fudging the issues rather than addressing them. Furthermore as it is an ‘informal meeting’ it’s more likely that none of these issues are discussed at all, ministers will take in some golf and enjoy the hospitality of the local council tax payer.

The Celtic Manor Resort, owned by billionaire Sir Terry Matthews is situated on the edge of the city of Newport near the large estate of Ringland. The resort has multiple entrances the main one literally just off junction 24 of the M4. Though there are several buildings at the resort, the summit will only be in the main hotel - which towers over the landscape like a medieval castle. The golf courses will remain open to members, but the public will not be allowed to stay at the hotel.

Any groups & individuals opposed to the ‘profit before people’ policies of the European Union should come to Newport on these two days to protest, especially around issues relating to Climate Change and Africa.

Media hype and disinformation has already started with a completely unfounded article by Matt Withers in the ‘Wales on Sunday’ on 7/8/05 which, as well as seeking to scare, served to offer excuses for the expensive police operation codenamed ‘Operation Accord’ (planned months ago).

"Anarchists plot chaos at newport EU summit"
Wales on Sunday (front cover 7/8/05)

“that weekend Wales will be centre stage and Newport will be the diplomatic capital of Europe'”
Rhodri Morgan (First Minister of Wales)

“Police in Gwent are taking a close interest in the G8 summit...around 100 officers from the force will assist in preparation for a two-day European Union meeting in Newport in September.”
bbc news 30/6/05

“World trade is creating poverty...This will be Newport’s chance to reinforce these messages to a world audience.”
Paul Flynn (MP Newport West)

"We have cancelled leave for officers in Gwent to allow us to
police this event and have additional support from other forces
across England and Wales. Unlawful protests are something
we've planned for. We had officers in Scotland (at the G8)
both working there and to observe.”
Nigel Russell (Superintendent, Gwent Police)

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