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Burma Solidarity Protest in Bradford

IMCer | 27.09.2007 22:07 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles

Around 25 protesters blockaded a Total petrol station in Bradford today in solidarity with the Burmese people.

Staff at the petrol station threatened protesters with sticks, car and lorry drivers attempted to run over protesters, but despite this things remained peaceful. The station was closed almost completely for over an hour whilst protesters played drums, gave out fliers, held placards and banners, and sat in the entrances to the forecourt.

Later in the day, students at the University of Bradford passed an emergency motion to mandate the Student Union to support the Burmese monks and investigate alternative suppliers since they currently use Total for fueling their minibuses.

Total is the biggest supporter of the Burmese military regime, with money from the oil pipeline they run there going straight to the military junta rather than the people. For more information on Burma, see the Global Indymedia feature

Photos and video footage is currently being edited and will be made available later.




28.09.2007 11:20

Some photos from this action



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Video from this action is now available on Youtube at

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